Epitaph Two

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Sex On The Brain

When we return, as they pass some Techhead hanging out with Priya's son, Tony is telling Ballard that he knows he doesn't approve of "our methods," while inside, Priya is asking Echo why she called him for help. Echo starts to explain she sent word with some of the Actuals they set free, but Priya spits that Tony and his kind are freaks -- "Techheads," and she wants nothing more than to keep her son away from them. Echo opines that they need Tony and the Techheads to make it back successfully, but Priya says she doesn't want to leave Safe Haven. Echo, being far more patient than Priya deserves given how much she's been whining lately, puts a consoling arm around her and says it's not her idea of fun either. Can we get a move on here?

No, apparently, because first we have to hear Tony, who I now see has some small implants on the side of his face through which he input that information earlier, berate one of his men for showing off some tech in front of the kid. Also, we learn that Mag's into girls, a revelation that adorably flummoxes Zone, and then Tony, the Techheads, and their Tag-Alongs are off in their Tank, waving goodbye to the non-speaking migrant workers of Safe Haven as they go. Will something never happen in this series finale? Inside the tank, people pretend to have anything to do while Topher, who actually does, works away and Adelle and YC coo about how it's so nice to see him occupied. If I were him, I'd offer that it's nice for him to be occupied without the threat of someone being executed in front of him every twenty-four hours, but I can understand him not having his usual command of the snappy comeback at the moment.

Elsewhere, the object of Mag's affection (a female Asian Techhead) strikes up a conversation with Zone by asking if he's gay, but the answer seems to be no. He then uncertainly asks how the tech works for them, and she explains that, unlike Echo, everyone else has to add and remove information and abilities in equal amounts or risk going insane. You might then, of course, ask how it is that YC could have that random medical knowledge they made such a point of showing off earlier, which implied that she has all of Echo's memories, but I think they realized given the way Season Two ended that the idea of YC being just Caroline was a total non-starter. Not that this is so much better, but still.

Priya joins Tony up in the cab, and I was hoping for something affecting, but the scene is completely overwritten and not very well-acted, so going moment to moment would be frankly painful. Here's the gist: Tony says he agreed to use the tech to advance their cause, and claims he'd do anything for his family, but Priya thinks he got too deep into it and ended up choosing it over them. Next!

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