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Sex On The Brain

When we return, Topher has dug up a video lecture featuring the dearly departed Bennett, and when she talks about something that seems like the key to what he's trying to do, he freezes the action, plants a kiss on her image's lips, and thanks her. Aw. Alpha, his assistant in this procedure, finishes up, and Topher confirms that they're done and says they need to set off the device as high as possible. Adelle asks if her old office is up enough, and he tells her it is indeed. When he mentions that an explosion will be a necessary precursor to the chain reaction they seek, however, Adelle recalls that he said the device could only be operated manually, and at his guilty silence, she chokes, "You're not coming back." He refuses to meet her gaze as he bravely says it's a small price to pay, but when she caresses his face, he whispers that he didn't want to cause any more pain. Once again: Topher Brink, bringing us to tears. The best-developed character and the most satisfying arc in one. Adelle emotionally holds him until Alpha pipes up, "Is now a bad time to ask for a favor?" Considering the other two are too choked up to voice a denial, it seems perfect!

Out in the atrium, Victor's sitting glumly in front of a little Bonfire of the Technologies when Priya comes out to join him -- with their son. She introduces the boy to his father, and Tony tries to hold it together as he shakes his hand and parrots his introduction to Priya as he says his name's Anthony, but he can call him Tony. The boy pipes up that that's his name too (he'd been referred to as "T" up until now) and asks if he can help Tony burn stuff. Priya smiles through her tears, and as overwritten as their last scene was, this one is nice and spare on the dialogue, which actually gives us time and space to feel what the characters are feeling. Did the same person write them both?

It's time for Topher to go, and Adelle basically offers to go with him, but Topher says it has to be him alone. "I'll fix what we did to their heads; you fix what we did to the rest of the world." He smiles and adds that her job is way harder, and she manages to give him an answering smile before he heads away. Olivia Williams and Fran Kranz, I hope you get to work together again in the future, and that I get to see it.

Mag is sitting in a wheelchair watching over the Asian Techhead when Zone enters and is basically like "Bamp chicka wow wow!" Hee. Mag tells him to grow up, and he responds that he's taking YC back to the surface so she can become a ten-year-old again, after which he'll take care of her. Aw. They exchange some light sarcasm before Zone asks what Mag did, "before." She says she was in sociology at Berkeley, and he replies that he was a landscape architect. Even Mag has to laugh and say she wouldn't have guessed that, and he leaves with this: "People are such a mystery!" She smiles as she watches him go...

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