Epitaph Two

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Sex On The Brain

...and then Adelle is telling Echo that Alpha couldn't stay, as he was afraid he'd become what he was before. Now, if he's referring to his original personality, that makes no sense, as he could avoid that by staying put. However, if he's referring to the fact that Ballard, his anchor to all things good and pure, is gone from him, it adds up. To me VOMITING! Adelle then says she'll lead all the Dolls outside for the blast, as she's the only one who can, although Zone, another Actual, does join them, at least at first. Adelle smiles affectionately as she notes the irony of the situation: "Funny that the last fantasy the Dollhouse should fulfill would be yours." Echo bitterly says she doesn't have any fantasies, and if that's true she's got some really unimaginative personalities rattling around up top, but Adelle merely replies, "More's the pity," and pulls her into a loving embrace before heading off, and for all my problems with the finale, it's affecting at the end here. She turns back, though, and tells Echo Alpha said for her to dismantle all the tech in the building. "He said you should start with the chair." Echo looks after her...

...and oh, crap, it's going to be hard to watch Topher go through with this. He looks out at the world he unwittingly wrought...

...while Adelle gets everyone out, and YC and Echo look at each other before YC anvils to Zone about how she's the lucky one because she gets to start over, She frankly sounds kind of smug about it, and I love the actress but I still want to smack her. Also, I realize that the Actuals are getting the shit end of the stick here, given that they have to live with their horrible memories. No wonder Topher wanted out...

...and speaking of which, he gets the gizmo ready... the Dolls head outside. Conveniently, there don't seem to be any Butchers about, but that doesn't matter anyway, as it's go time upstairs. As the device gathers power, Topher takes a last look around and sees the wall of photographs -- before the pulse wave explodes out of the machine. Sniff, but I counted a full twenty-five seconds between him activating the gizmo and it going off, so you'd think he could have run if he wanted to. Outside, everyone but Adelle and Zone have been knocked out, but the ex-Dolls start regaining consciousness one by one, and when YC or Iris or whoever she is now warily asks Zone what happened, he helps her to her feet and smiles that everything is going to be okay. He brings her over to meet Adelle...

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