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Hiding in Plain Sight
nks he's remarkable, but Whiskey tells her she didn't think he was even capable of acknowledging the existence of another human being, let alone loving one. "I think you're the remarkable one." And with that, just as Topher returns, she DRAWS A GUN AND BLOWS THE SMILING BENNETT'S BRAINS OUT! I mean, you sensed something was going to happen here, and Whiskey was kind of being too protective of her arms, but that was still shocking, particularly given that Bennett's blood ends up spattered all over poor Topher's shirt. Hmm, probably shouldn't have mentioned that. And sorry to see you go, Summer Glau, but take heart in that you were totally awesome, as usual but particularly in this episode. Whiskey fixes Topher with a despising look and heads out of the lab and straight into the last commercial break.

Back at Rossum three years ago, Caroline rounds a corner and runs into Laurence, who tells her not to move as he holds a gun on her. True to her word to Bennett, she doesn't resist, and as he cuffs her, Adelle appears and says she has a lot to answer for. Caroline's like, I do, but Adelle's there with the reply: "You forced me to come to Arizona. I loathe Arizona." And that's got to be a Total Recall shout-out, although it would be more so if Adelle had punched Caroline in the stomach while delivering the words. They start to head out with the intention of taking Caroline back to L.A., but Adelle's phone rings, and after a quick conversation, Adelle tells Caroline the head of Rossum wants to meet her. Laurence sticks her in the elevator alone, and Caroline notes that Adelle wasn't invited. Adelle: "No hard feelings, darling. Trips to see our director are generally one-way. Enjoy the ride." With that, the doors close...

...and in the present, Adelle is trying to snap Topher out of his now-catatonic state as Ballard respectfully covers Bennett's corpse with a blanket and Echo states that Whiskey did this. Ballard speculates that Rossum got to her after she left and made her a sleeper, which from our perspective is probably not the case since there was no activation ritual or anything, but the real reason for her betrayal won't become clear until the very end of the episode. Echo points out that Boyd loves Whiskey, but Ballard, in that hilariously obvious way he has, suggests he'll have to adjust. Echo starts to say she'll go after her, but the lights then flicker ominously, suggesting a breach none of them may survive. Topher starts to babble that they can bring Bennett back, but Adelle tells him there's nothing left to map, which surely is why Whiskey shot her so squarely in the head. Probably used an expanding bullet for good measure. Adelle goes on that there's someone he needs to bring back -- Caroline -- and Topher, probably wanting to win one for his dead girlfriend, nods in assent. He sits down, but when a distraught Ivy joins him, he looks at Bennett's blood spattered across a nearby monitor and tells Ivy to go. In tears, she says she really wants to help him, but he grabs her and says if that's true, she needs to live -- she has a remarkable brain, and he'd like to see it survive. "Ivy? Don't become me." Aaaaand here's the part of the episode where Topher Brink makes us cry. Wouldn't have guessed that would be a regular occurrence back in the series premiere, I think it's safe to say. Ivy accedes to his advice, but no sooner is she gone than some loud thuds from above become audible, and after some flares erupt in the darkened atrium, a bunch of commandos descend into it via ropes from above. After our heroes stare slack-jawed for a moment at the impending doom, Ballard mentions a cache of weapons he was getting together in the handlers' quarters, and Echo sends him off. Topher then puts in a little work on the wedge and finishes, and then Adelle wonders where the hell her security is, and maybe they'd be in more effective shape if you hadn't SENT LAURENCE DOMINIC BACK TO THE ATTIC. Echo doesn't point that out, merely saying they should assume they're all dead before getting into the chair. After a window shatters in front of Adelle and she gives another line I could totally picture Paul Lynde saying, Topher tells her to escape via the tunnels. "You're our general. We can't lose you." Adelle reluctantly sees the wisdom in this and disappears, and I do like how so many of these people's exact locations are unknown going into next week -- it could make for a lot of fun twists and turns. Not that the show is actually short on those at the moment, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Topher flips the switch, but a moment later, a commando infiltrates the lab, so Topher waves his arms around like a crazy person and warns him that he's imprinted himself with "many...useful skills!" Heh. The guy is understandably not impressed, and knocks Topher out with the butt of his gun, but he then has his neck snapped from BOYD, who steps forward and tells Echo to hang in there...

...and then we see Caroline's memories flooding into Echo. She gets out of the elevator and meets a guy who's another version of Clyde ("Randolph" was his surname), who tells her that "Rossum" isn't his name -- it was merely taken from a play that apparently involves robots. He then mentions his partner, who's quite eager to meet her...AND THEN BOYD STEPS OUT OF THE SHADOWS. I have no idea how this is going to play out or if the current Boyd is in fact the exact same person as Evil Boyd here, but this at least seems to fit with his somewhat sketchy backstory. Also, it seemed like Boyd had Whiskey kill Bennett so Caroline wouldn't live to tell on him, but then he declined to stop the imprint when he could have, which seems weird, but maybe once it had started it would have damaged her to shut it off. Anyway, Boyd says she's very special, and is going to help her in ways she can't even understand. Caroline asks if she's going to be a zombie like the rest of them, but Boyd says she won't be like them, nor will she be harmed in any way. "You're far too valuable." She contemptuously asks if she's just going to trust him, but he steps forward and caresses her face much as he did in the earlier scene: "With your life." And with that, we're out, with only two episodes to go.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at, or follow him on Twitter at

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