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Hiding in Plain Sight
h of a line either. Taking in the atrium, Bennett notes that the Actives are allowed rather complete run of the place, "like free-range chickens. We keep ours more like veal." Ick, on more than one level, but that could go far to explain how they busted November (now that she's a Doll again, the name makes the most sense) out. They reach the lab, and Topher hilariously tries to give Bennett an enthusiastic greeting, but the fact that she literally recoils from him probably suggests seeing him isn't quite adequate compensation for being punched in the face and then kidnapped, although she does compliment his work in sabotaging her chair. Adelle then announces that Topher will explain why they've gone to such lengths "to procure [her] services." Bennett is like, not so much, and proceeds to express her wish to file a formal complaint, to which Adelle responds that, as she's well aware, she's been abducted, and she can be treated as a guest or a which point she hilariously trails off, because the way Topher is wildly gesticulating behind Bennett would make a seizure victim seem stable by comparison. Anyway, the point of Topher's flailing about is that he'd like to be left alone with Bennett so he can show her the lab, and he then makes a joke about how she showed him hers that even he seems to know as he's saying it is completely inadvisable, and Bennett's serious grimace confirms that, as does Adelle's tortured eye-roll. Hee. We stay with Adelle and Boyd, with the latter asking how long she thinks it'll be before Rossum tracks Bennett to their location. Adelle thinks it'll be sooner rather than later, and then seeing Ballard lead November into the atrium, sighs about the "damn romantic fools" she's surrounded by. Boyd calmly defends his buddy, saying he couldn't just leave her there, and Adelle sighs that she supposes not before telling him that they'll be going into full lockdown mode. Considering what a joke Alpha has shown that to be, I don't know why they even bother anymore.

Down in the atrium, an attendant leads November away, and then Echo joins Ballard and tells him he did a good thing. He's not convinced, and when Echo assures him they'll fix it, he intones, "Once they've done this to you, can you ever be right again?" Seems to me that he's referring to himself, and even though Echo's going to make it all about her at least the theme of self-absorption is consistent.

In the lab, Topher tries to get Bennett to work her magic on the Caroline wedge that Alpha broke last year, conveniently omitting whose personality it contains. However, after some flirting and flattery, including an apology from Topher for decking her, Bennett proves that she wasn't born yesterday when she breaks the mood and asks who Topher's trying to resurrect. Topher's like, oh, just this person, and does it matter, but Bennett's hilariously complete grimace returns: "It might." Long story short, Topher is not nearly good enough a liar in this particular situation, and when Echo wanders into view in the atrium and casts an expectant look their way, Bennett looks like she knows very well who it is...

...Caroline, who we again cut to in the past, entering a dorm room and intoning, "You ready for your treatment?" She's referring to the hair-salon kind, though, and I shouldn't have laughed at that one, but sue me. Bennett's nervous, like any geeky girl would be, but Caroline lets us know that Bennett's starting a new job the next day and as such will "want to turn heads." As Caroline shampoos Bennett's hair, she tells Bennett she's going to be "more you," but Bennett confesses that she'd like to be less like herself and more like Caroline, and thanks for giving me flashbacks to the Kelly Taylor/Tara the Psycho arc on 90210 so many years ago. Bennett closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation as she tells Caroline no one's ever taken an interest in her before, but Caroline's attention is absorbed by Bennett's shiny new Rossum ID stuck in her mirror.

Boyd arrives home, and after he speaks to an unknown person for a moment, we see the reason he's been so secretive about his home life -- WHISKEY IS BACK, and apparently living with him! Aw. He tells her he thinks it's time to bring her back, and strokes her hair as he asks if she's scared. She replies, "Not anymore," and while it's not as obvious as "Now that you're here," later events make me wonder if there's something going on under the surface. But for now, they make out.

Echo comes to see Topher, who confesses that Bennett replied to his request by taking the opportunity to exact revenge for the punch he threw, and he adds that he'd appreciate it if she wouldn't tell anyone he "got beat up by a one-armed girl." Please, Topher. That's going up on Twitter as soon as you turn your back. Echo, however, is more concerned about asking what Topher did to Ballard, and after much characteristic equivocating, hemming, and hawing, Topher admits that he had to dispense with his "connection" to Echo. Okay, first off, maybe I'm an insensitive anti-romantic, but in the roughly sixty seconds of screentime they've shared since Ballard became a Doll, I haven't seen that much of a change in their relationship, unless Ballard's now failing to pop an insta-boner every time he sees Echo. She'd have a clearer view of such things, I'll admit. But more importantly, Ballard's "connection" to November seems fully functional, if you'll excuse the TNG connotations of that expression, so this all seems like a clunky plot contrivance to me, despite Topher's assertion that he needed to appropriate "the freshest, brightest paths" in Ballard's brain, which only makes me think of jokes about Ballard's mental capacity anyway. Despite my objections, the Tinkly Piano insists that this moment is touching and special, but thankfully, it doesn't last, as after Echo notes that Topher's lip is still bleeding, Whiskey strides in with Boyd in tow and says she'll take care of him. Topher and Echo are both happy to see her, and also quickly figure out that she and Boyd are together, and then Adelle, sporting intensely good posture, pops in and asks Topher where "that troublesome one-armed creature" is, like, it's pretty hilarious that they act as if her dead arm is merely an annoying character trait. Topher informs Adelle that he had to have Bennett locked up, and when she asks about his "charm offensive," he admits that it was "mostly just offensive," and these two really need to do 'shrooms together again before the series ends. Adelle, with no apparent surprise, tells him to come see her after Whiskey's done with him, but after she leaves, she backwards-walks back into frame: "Dr. Saunders?"

Cut back in time to the old-guy-Dr.-Saunders treating Whiskey, who plaintively offers that she tries to be her best. Adelle is wearing her most flattering hairdo I've seen to date -- long and loose around her shoulders, which makes her face look less severe. The hair of course could be fake, but she should still think about keeping it. After a word to Dr. Saunders, who I don't think is the same actor as the one Alpha offed but is probably meant to be the same character, LAURENCE DOMINIC (I'm not that surprised to see him anymore, just psyched) informs her a substantial portion of the upstairs building's security footage was deleted three months prior, and after he applied some NSA interrogation techniques (he doesn't quite say that, but his meaning is clear) to the hapless security officer, he learned that he let a woman into Adelle's office. He goes on that he already had her assistant inventory her files, although you'd think the two she was KEEPING IN HER DESK FOR SOME REASON might have been missed earlier, but after Adelle lets us know that "the rumor is" the "man at the top" of Rossum hand-picked Bennett, the kicker is that Laurence has learned that.

Caroline is rooming with Bennett at Tucson Tech. I'll just ignore the

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