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Hiding in Plain Sight
.com/show/dollhouse/haunted_1_1.php?page=11">rough sex or if she's just guessing. She adds, "We shan't have time for any...Senate subcommittees," and she may have sent poor Laurence back to the Attic but she is on fire with the lines tonight. On the other hand, if they're leaving the Dollhouse permanently, will they ever be able to restore her to being Madeline? I mean, I kind of hated her, so it's not like I care, but it still seems worth asking. Anyway, Mellie is just so happy to see Ballard, and also Caroline, whom she informs that Ballard never gave up trying to find, and this is boring... let's move on to Adelle and Boyd entering the former's office to find Dollhouse co-chairman Clive Ambrose and a couple of his goons. Adelle's all sugary sweetness as she takes a seat at her desk, but Ambrose informs her he's taking over the house and liquidating its assets, effective immediately. After a glance at Boyd, she begs his pardon, but he tells her that nobody ever comes out of the Attic, and since there have been "multiple breaches," she's done. Boyd, however, has another opinion on the matter, as he quickly shoots the three of them dead in rapid succession. Adelle, who didn't even so much as blink, gives a smirk as she observes, "I guess we can all agree this carpet's done for," which is a line I'm not sure could be campier if Adam West had said it. She does react, though, when she sees that Boyd has sustained a bullet wound in his side, and although I only heard three shots -- one each for Ambrose and the two goons -- it's possible one of the goons fired at the exact same time. More problematic is the fact that none of them managed to get his weapon out of its holster, but the pace of the episode is not allowing me to dwell on such things. As Boyd collapses, Adelle rushes over all, "Mr. Langton!" like she's going to heal him through the sheer force of her Britishness. We'll have to wait until after the commercials to see if it works.

When we return, we see some fire trucks presumably headed in Rossum's direction, and then we're back with Caroline, who survived the explosions pretty much unscathed, which I guess I could buy if you consider that that lab might have been designed to be the most secure place in the building. Bennett, of course, didn't fare so well, now having her arm trapped under that support beam as we knew she eventually would. After Caroline tries and fails to free her, she sees Adelle, Laurence, and two security guys via a security feed and makes a quick decision -- she clips Bennett's ID to her lab coat and tells her to say she was working late when the building was attacked, hopefully absolving herself of any suspicion or blame in the process. Bennett, however, is irrational in her attachment to Caroline as she begs her not to leave her, prompting Caroline to say that line about the both getting nabbed if she stays -- which we now see was completely out of context, because it's her plan that she and she alone take the fall. Also, I think it was a different take from the one we originally saw, which doesn't surprise me. Anyway, since that's the part of the memory Bennett chose to share with Echo, it's safe to say she doesn't recall the situation rationally, not that that's a shocking revelation or anything. Bennett desperately begs her not to leave...

...and then we cut back to the holding cell, wherein Bennett has apparently been recalling that memory. Echo then enters and blusters that even though she doesn't want Caroline back at all, Bennett needs to restore her long enough for Echo to get the information she needs -- and then she'll let Bennett do anything she wants to Caroline. "I will hold the bitch down." Bennett's face turns slyly conspiratorial, possibly because that could be interpreted in a girl-on-girl-on-girl way.

Back in Adelle's office, she's telling Boyd that he needs to disappear, because Ambrose surely has stored his consciousness in alternative locations, and once he learns of Boyd's destruction of his body, he'll certainly seek revenge. Boyd, who's bandaged up his wound himself and is steeling himself with a drink Adelle brought him, asks how he's going to find out, so Adelle says she's going to tell him. Boyd realizes she intends to draw Rossum's fire, and I was never in the military so I have to admit I never quite understood that concept, particularly not when dealing with an enemy with the depth of resources as Rossum. Boyd, however, approves, but when he asks about Whiskey, Adelle tells him she should stay with them. "She'll be marginally safer." Inspiring! Boyd thanks her, but she cautions him to thank her later. I must point out that that may not be possible.

Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku's real-life boyfriend, is just coming out of the chair, and given that the ex-Boston Celtic couldn't convincingly play a basketball player on Oz, I consider it a blessing that this appearance is entirely cameo. It is kind of hilarious, though, that after he disappears in the elevator with a comment about how he can't believe it's been five years, as it seems like he only got there yesterday, Topher is like, "Last Tuesday, actually." Heh. Topher asks if that's everyone, but Ivy looks across the room pointedly: "One more." Topher follows her gaze to rest his eyes on Echo and Bennett, and notes that Bennett changed her mind. Bennett announces that she and Echo actually share some common interests, and asks him to give her a hand. I would have thought Topher would start clapping, as he has shown himself on numerous occasions to be both insensitive and easily amused, but he goes for the verbal equivalent: "I'll give you both." Echo, recognizing the nerd lust about to blossom before her eyes, wisely decides to take a walk... we head down to the infirmary, in which Boyd and Whiskey are playing out the scene from "Epitaph One" in which she desperately tries to get him not to go. As touching and well-acted as it is, since there have been no changes made to it I see no need to recap it again... let's move back to Bennett and Topher. Ivy tells the latter she's going to go in the back for some work-related reason, and Topher doesn't hear her, really, so wrapped up in Bennett is he. He dreamily comments on her work, and she smiles in enjoyment before sending him off for some tool she needs. He starts to leave, but comes back and plants one on her. When he pulls away, it seems like she bit his lip instinctively, for which she apologizes, and then he keeps kissing her and she keeps biting and apologizing, which is funnier in execution than I would have expected. Also: Aw! Topher suggests they do more of that once they prevent the end of the world, to which Bennett agrees, and he then confesses that he had a crush on her even when he thought she was male. He starts to leave again, but once more turns back: "This is better." Heh. When he's gone, Bennett takes a moment to process what just happened, and then starts to get back to work -- but Whiskey's voice interrupts as she says Topher's in love with her. She adds that she used to be Number One, and something is palpably off about her here but it could be attributed to her grief over Boyd leaving, particularly against the backdrop of Topher's and Bennett's newfound happiness, so it's nice misdirection for what actually happens. Once she confirms that Bennett is working on Caroline, she asks if she thinks she'll succeed in restoring her, and Bennett replies that she's confident of it. She, in turn, asks if Whiskey really thinks Topher likes her, and Whiskey points out she didn't say he merely likes her. Bennett thi

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