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You Only Live Twice

...which is good, because we get to cut to a naked Ballard more quickly. It's apparently morning, and as he stands morosely in the shower with the water running, Mellie calls to him that she's not sure she could handle the events of the evening prior every night, but she "kinda liked it." She asks if he's going to do more hunting for Dollhouse clients that day, and he's had enough: "I found one." I misspoke (miswrote?) in the recaplet, but obviously, he likely means himself. Whether or not he'll go through with confessing that to her, however, we won't know until next week.

Margaret and Jack are out watching the horses run free. She hasn't told him the truth about her, which seems wise, if difficult, and he expresses his hope that he showed her that she was his favorite person. "Julia" emotionally replies that she has a feeling she did, and produces another note before walking away. After he reads it, he looks questioningly in her direction, but she's resolutely not looking back...

...and soon, in the chair, she's all smiles even as Adelle asks if she wasn't a little bit tempted not to come back. Margaret says maybe, a little, but she's had her turn. "And the people I love are moving on." This is the only scene in which I think Eliza played Margaret convincingly -- she just couldn't pull off the older WASP most of the way. Anyway, she adds that she knows Addy -- she's just like her. "I wouldn't have gotten as far as the airport." Heh. Adelle blinks back her emotions at being present for her friend's final death, and as the chair warms up, Margaret asks her if she'll see her life flash before her eyes. Adelle's voice breaks as she assures her, "Every single moment," and takes her hand as she gets lowered down to meet her fate. The chair settles into position and activates, Adelle's face breaks as she pats Margaret's hand -- and the usual jumble of images gives way to the Mutant Enemy logo.

After seeing it again, I still think the episode was somewhat lacking, given where we are in the season -- especially the Topher plotline, which could have been dispensed with altogether. But it does raise some interesting questions about the nature of death in the Dollverse, questions that I think have been hinted at before, so I hope we'll get further exploration of that. Next time: A lot of stuff happens, including Alpha revealing him- or herself. See you then!

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