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You Only Live Twice let's move on to Margaret/Echo, who has finally figured out she's in Eliza Dushku's body and, as you might well imagine, is pretty damn psyched about it. [She obviously read the naked issue of Allure. - Zach] Addy pours them both a drink as Echo goes on about how the last thing she remembers is coming in for "that dreadful process of yours," but she's obviously glad she did now, as being young feels great. Bedding the young feels great, too, but she already knew that part. After they amusingly mention that Adelle is currently both ten years younger and 15 years older than Margaret, Adelle cautions her to remember that the whole thing is temporary, but Margaret mood doesn't darken -- she just wants to indulge her curiosity by seeing her own funeral. "Who wouldn't want that?" Adelle, however, doesn't so much relish the thought of hearing what the world thinks of her, and when Margaret asks if she's all right, tells her, "My friend just died." I think she's hiding a double meaning here, thinking of what she did to Laurence as well as the loss of Margaret, but it's just as well Margaret is unaware of this, because if Adelle were to catch Margaret up on everything that happened even just last episode, they'd miss the funeral Margaret's so jazzed to catch. Things get interesting, though, when Margaret adds she'd like to take care of one more matter before she crosses over: "I thought maybe I'd solve my murder." I guess you kind of have to go to an act break from that line, but with two of six completed only seven minutes in, the commercials from here on out are going to be even fewer and farther between than normal.

In front of the church or whatever, Margaret is telling Addy that she apparently died of a massive heart attack, but she was perfectly healthy, so it makes much more sense that someone was after her ridiculous amounts of money, and her suspicion that something like this might eventually happen is in fact why she had the personality scan done in the first place. As the old saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. They take seats in the back as Margaret approvingly notes the turnout, although to be honest the place looks pretty small to me, and then she tells Addy how she planned the whole thing out -- she started mentioning a "Julia" to her family before she started doing the scans, which is the name by which she's now going, and even wrote the ersatz person into her will and instructed the family to expect her. It's too bad this woman was too rich ever to need a job of work, because I'm thinking she could have had a great career planning murder mysteries. Addy asks if she's a spy, then, and Margaret playfully answers, "No, no. A ghost!" You'd think this would trigger terrified talk about how you can't fight a ghost, but surprisingly, there's no indication of Echo's personality surfacing this episode. Could be that having a whole person in her instead of one cobbled together from parts makes awakening her less likely, or that eliminating Laurence put her at rest for the moment, but the fact that Echo's developing personality is never even mentioned (or seen, for that matter) after she literally saved the Dollhouse last time feels like a dropped plotline to me, and makes me think this A-plot would have played better earlier in the season.

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