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Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry…

When we return, Echo steps forward and asks why he took away her baby, and he apologizes, asking querulously if he can please have him back. He tells her that she's not really his mother, and he knows she loves him very much but he doesn't belong to her. Echo slashes the air in front of him with the knife, but is immediately appalled at what she just did, and he tells her she's not real -- this scenario isn't real. She asks if he knows what's real, and he tells her he doesn't before apologizing for what he's put her through. "They made you love Jack because I asked them to." Here's where Echo's unusual awareness really kicks in, I think, because she seems to believe him, asking why he did that. He explains that his wife died while having Jack, and he fell apart and blamed his son, and he needed to find someone to love him, like, it's all supposed to be very touching but WE KNOW THIS ALREADY. Heartbreakingly, Echo, with a hopeful smile, asks if she can be Jack's mommy, and I've made my issues with this episode pretty clear but I'm also not made of stone here. Nate, however, is able to tell her she can't, and begs her not to hurt Jack, and then after approximately three years, Ballard and another guy enter, like, NO RUSH. Finally, Echo gives Jack back to Nate, AND THEN STABS HIM IN THE GUT! Well, not really, but I thought I'd pretend something interesting happened for a second. Echo exits...

...and outside, Ballard finds her, and they basically rehash their conversation from the end of last episode, except that Echo tells him how she doesn't just remember stuff from her engagements, she feels them, and it's incredibly difficult to experience such strong stuff like love and extreme emotional pain. "It's not pretend for me." She adds that every time, they make it so real, and Ballard wonders if maybe helping him bring down the Dollhouse is too much. He offers to go it alone, and adds that he could have Topher come up with a way to make sure she doesn't remember a thing (because... he hasn't tried to do that on numerous occasions already?), but she says no: "Feeling nothing would be worse. I would be like before -- asleep." Totally the opposite of what Madeline said, but since what she said made no sense anyway I won't dwell on that. Instead: It's over. See you next time.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at

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