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Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry…

At five AM, the baby's crying on the monitor awakens Echo, who, after noting that the man from earlier is no longer there, gets up. Sometime later, in full daylight, she brings the child into the kitchen and playfully puts him into a bassinet as she says she has to "mainline" some caffeine, which makes me realize why this recap is going so slowly at the moment. Excuse me. Echo calls, "Babe, you want coffee?" and I hope she's talking to that dude, because while I think people can be overprotective when it comes to their kids' diets, anything that might interfere with a baby's sleep is a bad idea for everyone. Getting no answer, she calls through a particular door and asks if "Nate" is in there, and after another pause, he suddenly appears in the doorway with a scowl on his face, like, give me a break with the manufactured suspense at Minute Six, show. The baby is more intimidating than this guy. After he LOCKS the door to his OFFICE, she asks him if everything's okay, and we learn a few things very quickly: The guy seems to have a visceral reaction to both Echo and "Jack," the baby, that's somewhat akin to how most people feel in the presence of snakes or spiders, and given that we know Echo's a Doll, that's pretty much all the information you need to deduce the entirety of the backstory of the A-plot, which is always good when you've just started the second act. Anyway, after Echo give Nate to Jack and he holds him like he's made of plutonium before gingerly putting him back down, Nate leaves, but not before we see him LOCKING the other door to his OFFICE, like, how long is it going to be before we have a confrontation about secrets and lies here? When he's gone, Echo looks askance at the OFFICE, before checking the street and seeing a black van parked outside, and it's too bad Ballard isn't still with the Bureau, because I'd bet his ride would be marked "Flowers By Irene."

Cut to the park, where Echo ("Emily" is her imprint's name) is wheeling Jack along as she walks with Sierra and complains about how Nate bailed on taking Jack for a play date, claiming that he had a meeting, again. Sierra thinks Nate has always been a workaholic, but Echo says it's more than that -- Nate holds Jack like he's a "live grenade." Yup, pretty much. Incidentally, it does seem pretty extreme that the guy would pay for a second Active as part of this engagement, but then again, it was terribly bothersome that no one seemed to notice how weird it was for Echo to have no friends or family at a wedding to a suspicious arms dealer, the most unbelievable part being that she wouldn't find it strange that she had no friends or family, so I'm glad at last they're acknowledging that as an issue here. Echo goes on that Nate does help in ways like changing the diapers and shopping, prompting Sierra to joke that she wants to "swap," and be careful what you say on a Fox show, honey. Echo says she can't believe how much she loves Jack, which would be mildly annoying if they didn't cut to Jack hilariously smiling on cue, and she then adds that she doesn't even know if Nate likes the kid, or her for that matter. She expresses her concern that Nate might be having an affair, or even doing something illegal, and even though she lists evidence that's more than ample to justify at least some suspicion, Sierra blows off her concerns as paranoia brought on by sleep deprivation. She tells her that some guys take a while to come around to the idea of having a kid, and the best thing she can do for both of them is to make Nate take the baby that evening and have a full night of uninterrupted sleep. That last bit at least makes sense, and Echo says she's going to give Nate his space and stop obsessing...

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