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Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry…

...which is of course the cue for an "ironic" cut to Echo trying to jimmy open the office doors. Even little Jack saw that transition coming. She succeeds in getting in and starts rifling through his stuff...

...and we fade ahead in time to that night, when Nate gets home and sees the office door still open. There are no lights on, which feels like another labored attempt to create suspense, although it could also be a reflection of the production budget for this year. Unfortunately, it proves to be the former, as Nate is startled when he finds Echo sitting in the dark, as though he shouldn't have expected that given how the storyline's gone so far, but the real surprise is that Echo found a bunch of pictures of a woman with whom she thinks he's having an affair, although if you haven't figured out it's his dead wife even at this point I applaud you for not having wasted much of your life watching TV. Echo lets us know that one of the pictures of him and the woman is from the place the two of them went on their honeymoon, so now we know she's got the dead wife's memories as well, although in that case I wonder if Sierra is based on a friend of hers or if they just threw in an entirely made-up memory there. After taking a moment to think, Nate tells Echo that he knew the woman in the pictures before he knew her, and was in love with her, but she died, which was very painful for him. He apologizes for keeping that from her, and she opines that he should have told her. He agrees that it was a mistake. "This was all a terrible mistake." Someone's getting wiped ahead of schedule, and it's not little Jack. Echo apologizes, saying she's just so tired, and Nate offers to do exactly what Sierra suggested Echo have him do, which would be suspicious even if we didn't know what's going on. Echo's so grateful for the possibility of uninterrupted sleep, however, that she hears no alarm bells...

...until later, when she wakes up and hears Nate's muffled voice. Going down the hall, she hears him in the nursery, chewing someone out over the phone for being unable to deliver what was promised. He tells whomever it is that he's ending "it," and to get rid of "her." He adds, "I'll get rid of the baby," and I hope for his sake that Echo doesn't suddenly remember her restaurant-girl personality again anytime soon.

A chyron tells us we're at Senator "Daniel" Perrin's residence in Alexandria, and inside, the man in question is asking some blonde who apparently lives with him if she thinks he jumped the gun with the Rossum press conference, as he'd hoped witnesses would come forward as a result. Since that hasn't happened and their NSA source has "gone to ground," they're stuck merely with anecdotal evidence. I'm pretty sure making scandalous and outrageous claims like that without any proof is a fast-track way to end a political career, but Blondie takes no more than a casual glance at the records he's got up on his computer screen and concludes that they must at least be laundering money, like WHATEVER, honey, and then the doorbell rings, and when Blondie goes to get it, Perrin calls after her that "Rossum crossed a line," and they clearly are leaning on people to keep them quiet. This, of course, is the cue for another silly and irritating cloak-and-dagger moment, as first, "Cindy" doesn't answer his call, and then, when he gets up, she reappears suddenly, saying there was no one there. Seriously, who directed this episode, some kid who won a prize at an underground horror festival? Cindy hands Alexis some files that whoever rang the bell apparently left, which I'm guessing are fan letters informing him how tough it is to get used to hearing him pronounce < href="">hard R's.

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