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Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry…

...but when she shows up, her car is followed by that same black van she's been seeing. She can't believe it as she observes Ballard and a man I'm assuming is Sierra's handler get out, and the latter takes Sierra into the van to not sexually abuse her, I'm hoping for his sake. I mean, Madeline's coming in, and it won't take much for her to relearn that the third flower in the vase is green. Ballard and some other Dollhouse men, meanwhile, surround the house, as Echo discovers when she rushes downstairs and unsuccessfully looks for a means of egress. She heads back up right before Ballard comes in the front door, but there isn't really anywhere to go, so she merely closes the door to the nursery. Ballard heads up with a backup man, knocking on the door and asking if Echo would like a treatment, but he doesn't get an appropriate answer, and when he opens the door he finds one of the baby monitors in the otherwise-empty crib, with Echo apparently holding the other one as she tells the baby not to cry. Turns out she got the baby out the window using a makeshift ladder, and is right now making her escape in Sierra's car as Ballard breathes, "You gotta be kidding me." Somewhere, Ballard's old boss at the FBI starts laughing uncontrollably while having no idea why.

When we return, an entirely pointless scene ensues in which Nate berates Adelle because her "zombie" took his child, and Adelle has to explain that Echo would never harm Jack, as she really thinks she's his mother, and also that he wanted someone to "bond profoundly" with his child, even though he would have learned and said all this on numerous occasions before signing up for this charade, so despite the Sad Piano that's telling me I should care far more than I do, here's what you need to know: Adelle thinks children who don't bond with someone in their formative months will grow up to be sociopaths, and Nate's Plan B was to put Jack up for adoption. Next!

Echo hops out of the car and starts to walk, but does a quick about face when she sees the van nearby, which makes sense, given that she took Sierra's car and all. She rushes around the corner and luckily finds a police car and two officers there, and tells them someone's trying to take her baby. Of course, when she turns around, the van is gone, which is fairly ridiculous even for this show, but the policemen take her seriously enough to bring her into the station...

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