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Hush, Little Baby, Don't You Cry…

Echo gets into a car in the parking garage on the passenger side and tentatively asks, "Go, please?" When that doesn't work, however, she slides over into the driver's seat and seems to figure out how to operate the thing. So... is the idea that her mind's been wiped, but her instincts are pulling her along to her baby? That is reaaaally tenuous. Not to mention the fact that if it takes her that long to figure out the brakes, it is going to lead to a pile-up that will make me want not to take my car out for a week.

In Adelle's office, Topher's wiping his bloody nose as Adelle wonders if they're looking at another composite event. Ballard, however, says basically what I speculated, that her body overruled her brain, but that still doesn't explain HOW SHE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE. I can buy the instinct to protect her baby still being present, but the ability to execute that instinct? No. Well, not unless she's able to access her memories of her personalities, which I suppose is possible. Still: Hmpf. Topher explicitly tells us he triggered lactation, which I didn't remember but thanks for ruining my joke from the recaplet, and Ballard finally spares us any more science-babble that makes no sense anyway and heads out after Echo.

So Nate has magically gotten over all his issues and now is lovingly taking care of his son despite the fact that he said he was going to go ahead with giving him up for adoption (that's what "I'll get rid of the baby" was all about), which is about as earned as anything else in this subplot but, given how cute the kid is, at least is less difficult to believe. Nate then goes downstairs to fix him a bottle...

...but as he's getting it together, lightning flashes and he sees a figure outside, which then is gone on the next flash, and seriously, show, you can invoke all the slasher conventions you want, but the most exciting thing this subplot's got going for it is that it's almost over. The phone rings, and it's Adelle, warning him to get him and the baby out of the house. The power then cuts out, though, and when he rushes upstairs, the baby's gone. In a panic, he runs all over the house until finally, after another flash of lightning, he sees Echo holding the baby, a big knife in her hand, which: She's supposed to PROTECT THE BABY, which she could do most effectively by LEAVING instead of acting like this is a cross between Fatal Attraction and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. God! This episode would work better as a parody, seriously.

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