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Do You Believe in Dolls?
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We start with a guy opening a news segment with this: "When you hear the word 'dollhouse,' you probably think of little girls playing tea party." Not really, but your statement makes me think of Echo, Sierra, and Victor playing tea party, and I'd love to see the Dollhouse staff's reaction to that. The guy goes on that it has a different and darker meaning for some people in L.A., however, and we cut to a guy talking about how Dolls can be programmed to do anything, and "they're out there." From the crazy side-eyes the guy gives throughout his statement, I'd say the Dolls aren't the only ones. The reporter claims that since the late '80s, the Dollhouse has been "one of L.A.'s most-enduring urban legends." I call bullshit on that timeline -- no way did the Dollhouse set up its expensive shop in the aftermath of the stock market crash of '87. People could barely even afford normal role-playing hookers back then. The guy continues to explain the premise of the Dollhouse, and then we go to another interview, in which a woman of color says she believes the rumors, because people will always need slaves. The interviewer suggests the possibility that the Dolls are volunteers, to which the woman replies, "There's only one reason someone would volunteer to be a slave, is if he is one already." Another woman has a different view of it, though, saying you get everything free and all you have to do is party with rich people all the time. "Where's the dotted line?" Sounds like the casting people shafted this girl in her quest to be Paris Hilton's new BFF.

As the reporter continues that the FBI looked into the Dollhouse and supposedly found nothing, we pull back to see his image on a TV, and then pan over to take in more screens, one of which shows the footage of Echo at the cult compound last week, and another of the video of Caroline. Has Ballard kept watching those on an endless loop? It may add to the drama, but it makes him seem both inefficient and kind of dim, not that either of those traits would be a big change. However, he seems to have an epiphany regarding some papers in his hand -- but then that jerk-off boss of his we haven't seen since the pilot (we'll soon learn the character's name is "Tanaka") grabs them away and says it's his case. Dude, it's not even going to be your hand in a minute if you don't watch yourself. I should mention, by the way, that it was brought to my attention that this is a Battlestar Galactica reunion -- probably everyone knows that Tahmoh Penikett (Ballard) played Helo, but it might be less-common knowledge that Mark Sheppard (Tanaka) had a recurring stint as Romo Lampkin. And maybe I shouldn't have mentioned BSG, given that it just ended. I mean, with some of the reactions it still provokes, I get scared even to bring up Firefly. [Which also featured Sheppard! Coincidence? - Zach]

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