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A Slap In The Face
y, the deputy concludes that she did something underhanded here, which frankly displays stronger reasoning skills than I would have credited him with.

Adelle and her pirate shirt come into her former office, wherein Keith Carradine is having cigars with some Dollhouse muck-a-mucks, including an Arab man who's going to be heading up the Dubai Dollhouse, like, not anymore he isn't. Keith Carradine says he wanted Adelle to meet him, since she'll be transferring some Actives into his care for the upcoming grand opening, and then orders her to come up with some recommendations. He adds that Boyd will fill her in on the details, and sends the two of them away: "Feel free to use my elevator." Hee. Love him. Once they're inside, Boyd urgently tells her she needs to take the house back, and when she defeatedly asks how, he replies, "The Adelle I knew would never ask me that question." Ooh, burn. Once he's gone, Adelle slaps the wall in frustration, and I'm half-surprised that Keith Carradine's voice didn't pop up all "Temper, temper!" on the intercom.

Back at the jail of boring subplots, Echo and Galena are detained, and when they're left alone, a worried Galena asks if this is part of the plan. It'd be pretty hilarious if Echo tried to sell her on that idea. I have the feeling it's what Ballard would do, and he's been training her for three months. But there's no time for that, as a headache overwhelms Echo, and as she sinks down against the wall, she opines, "This isn't good." Try writing about it, honey.

Down in the atrium, Topher's giving a self-important speech, the upshot of which is that he's modified his disruptor gadget to remotely wipe any imprinted Active at a distance of fifty yards. To demonstrate, he brings in Maurissa Tancharoen again, who's apparently been programmed to imitate Alyson Hannigan in the "Sandcastles In The Sand" episode of How I Met Your Mother. He doesn't let it go on for very long, though, before he zaps her with the gun and she asks, in a normal voice, if she fell asleep. Everyone applauds, and then Victor and Sierra make out like he just got back from an overseas war, prompting Topher to zap them too. But even though they jerk apart, they end up holding hands as they leave, a development observed by Keith Carradine. He affably tells a nervous Topher that this sort of thing happens all the time and is easily dealt with: "Split them up. Place them in separate houses." This kind of groundbreaking thinking must be why he's the boss. He adds that Sierra would be perfect for Dubai, and lest thoughts of the number of international Nolans one could find in that place overwhelm me with nausea, let's just move on...

...back to the boring jail, and given the fact that the girl who's been beaten and drugged within an inch of her life is now worried for Echo's health, I think it's safe to say the rescue is not going particularly well. Galena sits with Echo and in choppy English tells her it's going to be okay as she takes her hand, and nothing against the actress here -- she's doing a decent job with a crappily-written role. Anyway, The Disco Ball Of Echo's Past Personalities appears, which prompts her to utter "Blue skies," and I really thought I'd heard the last of that but it's at least better than "Goodness gracious," which we unfortunately also just heard while seeing The Disco Ball Of Echo's Past Personalities. Now having accessed Taffy the Safecracker, Echo uses the underwire in her bra -- not kidding -- to pick the lock on the door as she gives Galena some instructions about how they're going to deal with the guards. Galena, still employing broken English, realizes that Echo's not a nurse, and Echo's response is actually amusing: "Right now? No." They flee the room, but when two guards accost them, one from each direction, Echo uses the Disco Ball Of Her Past Personalities and quickly dispatches them with some jail-fu. The Disco Ball Of Echo's Past Personalities again kicks in to allow her to hotwire an electronic lock, and then she once again kicks the ass of that racist deputy, at one point totally wearing Buffy Summers's fight face, as the hick sheriff calls for backup. After this, she clutches her head and worries that she cannot keep up the pace of accessing The Disco Ball Of Her Past Personalities, but luckily, Galena gets the idea to take the keys off the unconscious deputy, like, at least they were keeping her around for a reason. Outside, Echo boots some random in the chest and then climbs on his motorcycle, accessing her personality from, like, the second scene of the show ever, and she and Galena flee the scene. The sheriff starts to get in his car to give chase, but Ballard pulls up, blocking his way, and pulls out his old FBI ID while threatening them with exposure of his abuse if he pursues Echo and Galena. They do dress Ballard well on this show.

Back at the lab, Topher pulls Adelle into his private area and confesses that he's been stalling -- he actually finished the remote wipe device two months earlier, but he tried to come up with a technologically dumber substitute, because he realized the device has potential to combined with a project he saw Bennett working on and many others being attempted in all twenty-three Dollhouses around the world to produce technology that could imprint anyone with any personality regardless of whether they have Active architecture or not. Adelle understatedly opines that that's "unnerving," but Topher tells her the really unnerving part -- he figured out how to do it. He shows Adelle some scientific illustrations, and she breathes, "This is something that [Keith Carradine] must never know." I wouldn't want to play poker with her.

Echo has apparently set Galena, or "Lisa," as her new ID reads, up with a new identity, which I guess makes up for the time where she got her imprisoned for crackers she didn't steal and almost got her killed several different ways. After thanking Echo and opining she's the "strangest women [she's] ever met" (don't get out much, do you), she leaves, and Ballard cautions her that "things are going to be a lot harder once we get back to the Dollhouse." Especially if you keep hanging out by the communal shower. Speaking of which, Echo kisses Ballard, and he doesn't exactly break it off for the first five minutes, but stops short of having sex with her with kind of a jerky remark about her multiple personalities, and then Boyd shows up anyway and asks Echo if she's ready to come home. Echo looks at Boyd but sarcastically directs this at Ballard: "I try to be my best." Heh, nice. The look on Ballard's face says this is going to be a long trip before we head into the last commercial break.

Topher returns to his hidey-hole...and the plans are gone. He freaks, but then gets quiet as he realizes what happened...

...which is that Adelle lifted the plans and brought them to Keith Carradine. Ouch, especially given the esteem Topher always had for Adelle. Keith Carradine is pleased, although he opines that she only did it so he'd give her the House back. Adelle, however, demurs, saying she knows how much Rossum has at stake, and while she used to think they could help people, she sees now that power is always used to get more power, and if that's what Rossum's doing she doesn't want to stand against them. They shake hands, and Keith Carradine, perhaps having gotten a choked, breathless warning from Ray Wise, says he has to ask -- did sh

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