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A Slap In The Face
e ever consider imprinting a Doll to kill him? Adelle counters that she'd like to think she would have had the courage to do it herself, and when he offers her a celebratory cigar, informs him, "There's no smoking in my office. But we could each down a fifth of something and get freaky." Some of that may have been implied.

Later, Topher is berating Adelle for her betrayal and for giving Rossum such deadly technology. Adelle icily notes that he designed it out of fascination: "You were playing." Topher doesn't hear that, though, and looks so hurt before telling her what a cold bitch she is, prompting her to haul off and smack him right in the face. That'll leave a mark, especially with that pig-like skin of his. Also, it's really got to sting that after he bitched to Ivy at the beginning of the episode that he'd never trust another woman after what happened with Bennett, the one woman he thought would never betray him did exactly that, and paid him back for the punch he gave Bennett to boot. Adelle informs him that he's off R&D and back on Programming, and he'll do his job and like it. When he obligatorily asks what happens if he doesn't, she replies, "I would hope, as someone who does care for you, that you will never find that out." Topher's got to be thinking she was a lot more fun when she was tripping. She adds that she rules the house, and she won't let anyone challenge that again...

...just as, in slo-mo, Echo makes her grand return to the Dollhouse, flanked by Boyd and Ballard. Everyone in the atrium notices, and she spares a small smile in Victor and Sierra's direction...

...and then they're in the lab, telling a clearly suspicious Adelle that Ballard found Echo, nursed her back to health, and brought her back. Ballard mentions the headaches, and Topher says he'll see what he can do, but Adelle kiboshes that -- there will be no treatments, just solitary confinement. Ballard protests, but Adelle won't be denied, and she leans in close to Echo: "It's good to have you back, love." Echo gives her a side-eye that, let's say, does not look particularly Doll-like, and we're out. As I said, mostly boring, but good set-up at the end for the awesomeness of the next one. See you soon!

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at, or follow him on Twitter at


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