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Needful Things

There's a little fake-out with November walking by a church with kids in uniform playing, but we all know where she's really heading by now, I'd think... let's go back to Echo, who can't believe the Dollhouse is doing what it's doing. Topher claims that they're good people, who are helping other people become even better people by giving them what they need. After a pause, he adds, "I don't usually do the sales pitch." Heh. Echo opines that what they're doing is tantamount to murder, and menaces him with the gun as she asks who she was before he killed her. He claims that she volunteered to be a Doll, and when she accuses him of lying, he points out that she doesn't have her memories, so she can't know that for sure. The power comes back on as he tries to tell her that she'll get back her memories and be free to go once her contract is up, but when she asks why she's not like the rest of the banana-pancake-loving population, he admits they're running a test on her and the other three. Echo tells him about her visions of the mountain and her desire to go there, and he assures her that that place is real, and she's remembering it because it's what she needs. He then offers to restore her memories if she'll only get in the chair, but she points the gun purposefully at him: "You first." If he didn't think he was a good salesman before, I doubt this development is going to help.

Evading shots from Nolan's security men, Victor and Sierra make it down to the parking garage, but when they see cop cars swarming the place, they duck through a door to hide...

...while Echo is taking great pleasure in having Topher in the chair. He tells her that imprinting over a fully-functional brain will cause it to implode, and she notes that that must be why everyone around there likes banana pancakes so much. By the way, I think I'm going to adopt that phrase as code for someone who's not too swift on the uptake, and my first official use of said code is to tell you that Ballard must really like banana pancakes. Echo asks if the imprint process hurts, and Topher winces, unable to bring himself to lie, before telling her he's just the science guy. She puts paid to that little attempt to sidestep responsibility, so Topher, really looking like he believes she'll shoot him, offers to help her with anything she wants. She asks him to let the Dolls go (er, I hope she means with their memories restored, otherwise that's a terrible idea) and when he balks, saying he doesn't have that power, she turns the chair on and starts to force him down into it as he gasps desperately that he really can't do what she's asking. Just as it looks like we might get to see a genius's brain puréed, though, Adelle's voice cuts in from behind: "I can." When we get back from the last commercial break, it will be so on.

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