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Adelle politely requests that Echo stop the imprint, which she does -- by putting a bullet in the chair. Adelle summons all her British reserves of self-control not to react to the monumental financial damage she just incurred, not that Topher doesn't mourn the loss enough for the both of them. Adelle informs Echo she's responsible for the "facility" and everyone in it, and by the way, Echo wanted to forget her old life, and Adelle merely eased her suffering. However, she claims, she'd be breaking a promise she made to Echo when she signed up if she were to reveal why she wanted to relinquish her personality in the first place. There's certainly no indication, from what we've seen, that any of this is true, particularly not in light of what we've learned about Sierra's conscription into the Dollhouse, but that doesn't stop Adelle from smugly continuing, "All I can say is, that you couldn't live with the consequences of your own actions." That I'll believe, at least when it's looked at from a certain point of view. She adds that Echo's free to leave, but wonders who she is to decide for the others. Echo counters that Adelle should have asked herself that, but Adelle archly says that she made the same promise to them as she did to Echo, and she won't return those memories...

...which nicely leads us back to November, who reaches her destination past the church -- a cemetery. It's good when a show knows how to balance terrible developments like Sierra's with happy ones such as this.

Back in the lab, Echo shoots some more technology, and at this rate I think Topher should breathe the Dolls' cocktail if he wants to sleep through the night.

In their hiding place, Sierra apologizes to Victor for dragging him into their current situation, but he tells her he needed to help her, for some reason -- he could see her being hurt in his dreams, and it was horrible to witness. "I could see his face, but I couldn't stop it." Okay, this is interesting, because Victor is clearly referencing what Hearn did to Sierra. I wonder if he had such a strong reaction to it not just because of his feelings for Sierra, but because the helplessness of not being able to save her paralleled the vision we saw in the last episode? Just a thought. Remembering, Sierra can't believe she trusted Hearn, which is another cruel irony, before recalling that Victor waits for her when they go to bed at night to make sure she's okay. Aw, these two are adorable together. Hearing a search party coming their way, Sierra, referencing her apparent certainty that either the police or the Dollhouse will catch them, glumly says she's not sure what outcome to root for. "Feels like dying either way." Victor, however, demurs: "We'll look for each other like we always do. And we'll finish this." She smiles through her tears, and they finally make out...

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