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Needful Things November cries while kneeling by her daughter's grave. Here, at least, you can believe she would have gone to extremes to forget her life, but I still don't believe what Adelle's saying...

...except for the part where she duhs to Echo that it would be a really bad idea to take the Dolls out in their current condition. Echo, however, thinks they'll do fine, and gets off a good one when she tells Adelle that she's not as important as she thinks she is. Adelle stiffens at that jab, and Echo orders her to show them out...

...and then we cut to an exit, and soon all the Dolls fade in, walking like they're going on a field trip to the nearest IHOP. O+S's "Lonely Ghosts" plays as the Dolls and the entire staff walk out into the sunlight, which is going to be interesting for all those urban-legend aficionados supposedly littering the streets of L.A. Echo walks along with her gun pointed at Adelle's back, looks up at the sky... and then suddenly collapses. We see the same thing happen to Sierra, Victor, and November, and after Echo gets scooped up by security, the parade immediately turns around as we get a shot of a guilty-looking Claire. Sierra, Victor and November are similarly collected, and then we hear Adelle's voice saying that a tide is rising...

...back in the scene from the beginning -- only this time, when she asks if anyone has a better idea, Claire pipes up: "We give them what they need." Adelle, looking roundly shocked that Claire would offer up an idea in this way, listens as Claire clarifies that she thinks they should give them closure -- if the Actives have particularly poignant or recurring experiences that can have the effect of awakening desires and memories that interfere with their efficacy as Dolls and cause the glitching that's been widespread of late. Adelle asks if she's recommending they permit the Dolls to take a "self-guided journey," but Claire thinks they should limit it to the priority cases. "Let the tide come in. It's the only way to wash it back out." It's a great twist that it was all Claire's idea, but I'd submit it's logical for this simple reason: Look what happened to her with Alpha. But not everyone is going to see it that way... we quickly learn, because after we cut to Echo settling back into the chair, Boyd, with his back to her as he watches Echo, bitingly asks Claire, his onetime partner in disapproval, if the tide has turned. Claire, a note of apology in her voice, explains that each Active's brain was programmed to release a sedative once he or she had achieved closure, and all I can say is that if Sierra and Victor can, um, achieve closure at the same time, they're even more compatible than I thought. Boyd says he understands what November, Sierra and Echo were doing, but expresses confusion about what was up with Victor, as he didn't have a trauma from his past. Obviously, Boyd doesn't know about the vision, and maybe neither does Claire, so she says he had a more present need -- he's in love. Boyd tells Claire that he would have liked to see Echo leading the charge out of the Dollhouse, even though it was all a game. "Your game." Claire asks if he thinks she had fun with it, and Boyd counters that he doesn't know her very well, which sounds like a "Yes" to me. However, Claire tells him that while he's responsible only for looking after Echo, she has to do the same with all of them, and Echo was leading them to "a world of terror and chaos that would have destroyed them." She says he should be grateful, and gets this reply: "Yeah. I'll work on that." When he's gone, Claire looks conflicted...

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