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Needful Things

...and then we cut to Echo and Sierra, walking down the hall without a care in the world as the song kicks up again. We then cut to their room, and Mike has rejoined the four of them as they all settle into their pods for the night. The doors close, and they're left to dream without needs...

...but the Dollhouse didn't manage to erase everything, as when Ballard checks his messages, there's a desperate one from Caroline, saying she doesn't know who she is, but his name was in her file and she thinks they've met. "We're here, somewhere underground. I'm trying to get everyone out, but if I can't, please, please find us!" It's not like I hold out much hope for Ballard succeeding, but I so want to see his expression when he comes face to face with November. See you next time, when the Dollhouse brass learns there's a spy in their midst, and Echo and Sierra get tasked with finding out who it is.

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