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Needful Things

...and then we cut to Echo, brushing out her hair long and straight in a way that kind of makes her look like Cher. Well, they've probably had similar amounts of scary work done, if not quite of the same ilk. As she looks in the mirror, she remembers Ballard telling her that her name is Caroline back in the "Internet mogul's" house, and also the part where Ballard told her he'd never hurt her. Soon, she's walking down the hall, and then we focus on Sierra, who's behind her and pauses uncertainly as she remembers Hearn's abuse of her, and that's not getting any less creepy or upsetting as time goes on. In the pod room, however, her mood lightens when she sees Victor, and then all five of them settle into bed...

...but soon Echo, instead of enjoying sedate and non-psychotic dreams, is hit with a wave of memories, all of which we've seen before -- herself in the pool, the Ghost, and some snowy mountains. A female voice whispers for her to wake up...

...which she does. When she sees where she is, she freaks, probably thinking she's been buried alive. Too bad she didn't train with Pai Mei for emergencies such as this. We cut to an overhead shot as we hear her muffled cries for help, and a bit of a chill accompanies me into the opening credits.

When we come back, Echo's still calling for help and trying to open the overhead pod door, cutting her hand in the process. However, she finally gets out, and then is surprised when Victor appears from another pod. There's mistrust and a lot more yelling, but the salient points are that none of them appear to remember the others. Victor's kind of a tough guy, the tall blond dude, "Mike," is obsessed with aliens and thinks that's who imprisoned them, Sierra is Australian just like Dichen Lachman, November is a big scaredy cat, and Echo is... Caroline, so it's logical to conclude that we're meeting all the Actives' real personalities here. However, while those may be intact, their memories about themselves aren't, although the attraction between Victor and Sierra is still existent is some fashion. Also, Echo remembers that she has to get to the mountains, because everything's okay there, while November thinks she lost something. If she means a dimwitted Canadian with a bruising body, she's absolutely right. The five of them get freaked out when they see Dolls walking past the glass outside, and then the lights come on, which presumably is the signal for everyone to start the day. Sierra wants to get out of there, like, last week, and the others follow...

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