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Needful Things

Victor and his handler are approaching the sauna, with Victor telling him he forgot where the sauna is, but he likes it, and the handler, an African-American guy we haven't seen before, replying, "You told me." Heh. What Victor didn't tell him, however, is that he was planning on choking him with his towel until he passes out, which he proceeds to do. He grabs the guy's keycard off him as two random female Dolls come in to use the shower, and when Victor turns to see them, he explains, "He's very tired." He'll be more so after sweating through his suit to the point of dehydration, but the Dolls merely give a blank response...

...and later, Sierra and Victor use the keycard to open an exit door, doing their best to avoid the cameras as they go. They leave the card in the base of a nearby potted plant and then head through to a more office-building-looking hallway. Meanwhile, Echo's in the atrium, looking around unhappily. She sees Tango go off with a guy for treatment, and then November's voice tells her it's time... Sierra and Victor reach a door and pause to await the others. Sierra wonders what's taking Echo and November so long, but Victor thinks they're probably just being careful, and the two of them can hang out a little longer. Victor, his New York accent becoming more pronounced, then asks Sierra to tell him something about herself, and they both laugh for a moment over the fact that they have no memories, but then Victor offers that he feels like sometimes they do -- he remembers that something bad happened to her. Sierra speculates that it could be the same "something bad" that happened to all of them, but Victor tells her he doesn't feel that way about anyone else. With a note of endearing shyness, he asks if there's any part of her that finds him familiar, and Sierra puts on a knowing smile, but before we can hear if she has any, um, muscle memory associated with Victor, Echo and November show up, having grabbed the keycard from the plant as they apparently had planned...

...and then the four of them are sneaking past what looks like the handlers' break room, in which some Asian woman named "Sophie" is bitching to Boyd about her latest assignment. As Echo pauses at the door, though, Sophie offers that her problems are tame compared to what Boyd's dealing with, and adds that she doesn't think Echo will last. Boyd assures her he hasn't given up on her, but is just going to enjoy a few days of vacation while she has a little down time, and then it's Sierra's turn at the door, and as she sees one of the handlers flash his sidearm as he reaches in his pocket for something, Sophie goes on that Laurence was right -- the Actives should be treated as pets. It'll be your own fault if Sierra pees on your leg later, lady. She concludes, "Even a good dog needs to be put down sometimes," and Sierra doesn't need to hear any more to get the hell out of there...

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