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The Omega Story
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We open with Claire, in a panic for more than one reason, entering the atrium and calling for help. Adelle and Boyd appear, and Adelle calls for EMT aid. As Claire haltingly tries to fill them in on what happened to Victor, Boyd reports that it looks like Alpha made it out before they could secure their exits. Adelle calls for a full lockdown and head count, but Claire tells them what they're going to find: "He came for Echo."

Cut to Topher confirming that, and also informing Adelle and Boyd that Alpha gave Echo an imprint of unknown origin. Also, he physically removed Echo's GPS strip (perhaps with that knife expertise of his, otherwise it seems like he would have been hard pressed for time) so they have no way of finding her. Adelle orders him to figure out the nature of the imprint, and when she's gone, Topher sees that Claire is standing in the doorway. Sounding dead inside, she tells him about Alpha asking her if she always wanted to be a doctor, and Topher, after catching enough flies to make a light dinner, asks who can fathom the mind of a crazy person. Claire: "The one who made him crazy? Maybe?" Topher's like, "Answering that rhetorical question was not cool."

It's still night as Alpha and Echo drive on a highway, apparently having decided between the elevator and here that adopting Katie Holmes's accent from The Gift for their own use is an interesting dramatic choice. I mean, it makes sense that Alpha would use this imprint, as it's clear it was designed to make her in love with him, but I could have done without the clich├ęd Southern trailer-park personality. It's uninspired. Anyway, Echo's under the impression that Alpha rescued her from some bad situation when she was thirteen (closing the Briar Rose chapter, but it would have been more effective to learn this last week), but the picture suddenly flashes to Alpha, in his normal voice, saying that never happened. He tells himself to shut up, and Echo notices something's up with him, but she must just have seen that he suddenly looked indisposed. I mean, I can't believe he's in such little control of his personalities that he has to verbalize everything he thinks -- surely he wouldn't have been able to keep up his cover with Ballard as he did. At this point, though he drops the act, saying he's not her boyfriend "Bobby" -- at least, that's not all he is. Echo, however, is presently distracted by the lack of something shiny, in particular some "Tasty couture" t-shirt she really liked, and her simple-minded trashiness is grating on me, so here's what's up: They stopped for a little shopping spree, and in addition to whatever Tasty garments they selected, they also procured a blonde salesgirl, who's tied up in the back with her mouth duct-taped shut, which is probably best for her own safety, as it prevents her from commenting on how hopelessly derivative her kidnappers are acting, which would probably result in her immediate death. Credits.

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