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The Omega Story downstairs, Victor starts to leave the infirmary, but Claire calls him back...

...and November tells Adelle that it was all "so easy." Oh, girl -- but that's the point, isn't it? She'll walk away blissfully unaware, just as she probably wanted when she signed up. Adelle hugs her and November thanks her again, both of which give some credence to the idea that Adelle's not a monster, but before she can leave, Ballard calls her back...

...and in the infirmary, Claire gives Victor a lollipop, much to his delight, and that's one of my favorite little moments of the episode and the complete antithesis to Ballard catching the damn wedge. Victor takes off while sucking away, and Claire watches him go, looking like she's ready to commit to being Dr. Saunders, as her declaration to Topher suggested...

...and when Echo asks if she should go now, Topher can barely choke out, "If you like." She gets up, but turns back... Ballard asks November for her name, and hears, "Madeline Costley." He smiles and tells her that's a lovely name... in the lab, Echo taps Topher on the shoulder, and when he turns in surprise, she reaches her hand and puts it over his heart. Well, I should say she puts it over the spot on his chest you'd expect his heart to be -- I don't want to assume anything when it comes to Topher. After a few moments, she withdraws her hand and leaves, but the empathy she showed as Super-Echo is unsurprisingly still there, and Topher looks surprised, consoled, and newly-saddened all at once... November asks Ballard's name in return, but he replies, "I'm nobody," and she leaves...

...and the episode ends, as the pilot did, with Echo and the other Dolls (November's been replaced, of course) getting into their pods. Echo assumes her normal position on her side, but as the door closes, she whispers, "Caroline," and that's all she wrote. Well, except for "Epitaph One," but I'm not going to get into that. Rather, I'll suggest that the network take note of the fact that the show delivered on its promise of a great second half of the season, and hope that it sees that that could be parlayed into a successful second season. But if they don't, I'll say that I really enjoyed the assignment, and thank you all for reading. (And maybe I'll at least get to recap "Epitaph One" at some point.) Take care!

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at

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