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The Omega Story

...but right now, Topher is getting their location from the GPS devices and feeding it to Sophie and Blevins...

...and then Alpha and Whiskey are climbing all over Lars and menacing him with knives and basically making it seem like Lars has made his last overprivileged mistake. And I could have bought it if the two Actives had surreptitiously been programmed not to kill Lars under any circumstances, but I'm not getting that sense either from them or from Topher, so again I think, especially given that they do a good job of making the leadup montage of the two of them engaging in murder foreplay rather disturbing, it would have been far more effective if they'd killed him. But no -- the Dollhouse people burst onto the scene and neutralize Alpha and Whiskey by offering them treatments, and quickly leave Lars alive to void his bowels another day.

Back in the present, Adelle and Boyd return to the former's office, and Ballard asks where "Kepler" is, like, GET WITH THE PROGRAM HERE. Boyd releases Ballard from his cuffs as Adelle orders the extra security to scoot, and she then explains about Alpha being one of their Actives until about a year ago and him having assumed Kepler's identity. She also lets him know about the murders following Alpha's composite event, although she refers to it as an "unfortunate technological anomaly," and you'll forgive me if I take a moment to recover my equilibrium from all that spinning. Ballard's similarly amazed, but Adelle's in no mood, as she's not too thrilled about him bringing "this thing" back into the Dollhouse to "defile" it a second time, which is an interesting choice of words, and makes me think I was on the right track with my theory about Alpha scarring Victor and Whiskey. She gets his attention, though, when she informs him that Alpha took Echo -- "Caroline" -- but he still tells her he's leaving, as if Alpha found a way out, he will too. Adelle: "Alpha's a genius." Hee. Before Ballard can even realize he's been insulted, however, Boyd reports that none of their search teams have left the building, because the place is surrounded by the FBI -- Alpha called in a bomb threat. Boyd and Adelle look beaten, but Ballard offers that he can make the situation go away...

...and then he's emerging from the building and telling Tanaka, who's moved to intercept him, to keep nodding, as they're being watched. Upstairs, Boyd asks Adelle if she trusts Ballard, and she replies, "I trust that I know what he wants," which is all you really need to hear to know how this is going to go. And indeed, after Ballard "confesses" that he called the fake threat in because the Dollhouse is in an underground building, and all he has to do is come look for himself, Tanaka disgustedly pulls his men out of there, although the one surprising thing is that he doesn't arrest Ballard on the spot. Once Tanaka turns his back, Ballard swivels to the camera and gives Adelle a conspiratorial smile, and his character would be a lot more enjoyable with more moments like these. Even funnier, though, would be if he went to go back into the Dollhouse and found the door locked. Anyway, Adelle doesn't have much time to celebrate this victory, as Topher enters with the news that he went to inventory Echo's old imprints to try to get a clue as to which one Alpha might have used -- and they're all gone, the primaries and backups. "Every personality we've ever imprinted on Echo... they're gone." You'd think that would mean we're safe from hearing "blue skies" ever again, but you'd be wrong. Although that particular imprint should be in the Sierra section as well, I'd imagine. Just my luck. But Topher, maybe next time at least put the backups in a different part of the building? Boyd asks what good the wedges with the personalities would be to Alpha, and Topher again gets that hilarious "The thing about that is..." face...

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