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The Omega Story

...and then we see Alpha has taken Echo and the blonde to a location with lots of computer equipment and an ominously prominent chair in it. Echo, amusingly enough, is carefully toting her precious shopping bags, but when Alpha again invokes the Briar Rose theme and points out her "throne," she's like, great. "You got a bathroom?" Well, Alpha, you could try the throne comment again with the toilet, but it might lack the regal import you were going for.

Victor and his scarred face lie on Claire's examining table, and when she swabs one of his cuts gingerly, he winces and says it hurts. She strokes his hair caringly and assures him the pain will fade, but when he wonders how he can possibly be his best now, he hits a nerve, made raw and vulnerable once again, and she snaps that he can never again be his best. "Your best is past -- your past you can't even remember. You're ugly now. You're disgusting. All you can hope for now is pity." She's one to talk about not being at your best, considering the precipitous slide in her bedside manner. Seriously, though, if the show does get picked up for another season (and I may be a total Pangloss here, but I think it's possible) I hope they make Amy Acker a series regular, and it's not like I was a big fan of Fred either. She adds that if he wants pity, he'll have to look elsewhere, and the expression on poor Victor's face is heartbreaking, because he gets what she's saying but maybe doesn't have the development to understand why she's saying it, which might soften the blow. An offscreen voice then calls to Claire...

...which sends us back into a flashback, as Sophie brings Whiskey, who's got some shoulder pains, in to see the previous Dr. Saunders, a grey-haired gentleman taken right from Central Casting, who even offers her a lollipop just like a good pediatrician would. He then opines that Whiskey is overworked, and tells Sophie he keeps recommending a week of rest, but Sophie smiles ruefully that Whiskey is their "number-one Active," and Adelle won't let her sit on the shelf. Hmm -- remember when Claire cautioned Boyd that there were drawbacks to being the best? Seems like maybe she was aware of a few things after all. Whiskey brightly offers that she tries to be her best, and then there's a call for all handlers to report to the floor for an "intake," and Dr. Saunders comments, "Sounds like you're going to have another friend." We pull back to see that Alpha is getting a massage just outside the infirmary...

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