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Like Christmas In… December?

...and then we're down with them as they're eating in the atrium. A staffer then appears and tells Victor it's time for his treatment, so Sierra asks him if he'll sit with her at dinner. He says that would be nice, but just as he starts to walk off, Echo goes for the desperation move and tells him that he, Victor, is not coming back -- when he comes out of the chair he'll have his original personality. "You need to say goodbye to her. If you don't get a chance to say goodbye, you'll regret it." Victor responds to this performance of Overidentification Theater by turning to Sierra and giving her a bright "Goodbye!" with a cheery wave. Hee. She responds equally affably: "Goodbye! I'll see you at dinner." Echo looks like she's starting to share the late Cindy's frustration with Doll-speak.

As Topher preps Victor's imprint, he gives us a run-down of his history -- he's an Afghanistan war vet, which explains those flak jackets in his flashbacks that I originally thought were police-issue. Topher goes on that he had severe PTSD, which they cured, and allows himself a small pat on the back for that effort. Victor's original personality then makes its appearance, and after ascertaining that the five years to which he committed have indeed passed, he opines that the whole experience almost seems too easy. I don't care if you're the 2004 edition, dude -- you should know not to JINX YOURSELF LIKE THAT.

Later, Boyd is telling "Victor" (haven't gotten a real name yet, I don't think) that they've set up a trust fund in his name, reserved him a suite at the Hyperion (Ha!) until he finds a place to live, and found several employment opportunities for him should he choose to work. So, um, is five years the standard term? I'm just asking here. Boyd continues in voiceover that if anyone asks, he spent the time in a VA hospital, but we're not focusing on that right now, as downstairs, Victor walks by Sierra without a hint of recognition. Aw. She looks so sad! Boyd's VO continues, but again it's hard to focus, although this time because Victor is running shirtless of a treadmill with sensors taped to him as a diagnostician watches. Okay, fine, Boyd's giving him the protocols -- he'll come into the Dollhouse every other week for three months for check-ups, and then a Dollhouse rep will visit him periodically until a year has passed. "Any problems, you can call us twenty-four hours a day. But I don't expect any trouble." Take back what I said, "Victor" -- if a savvy cop-type like Boyd doesn't know not to jinx himself, why should you? We see Victor's stuff being returned to him as Boyd's VO adds that the process was designed for a maximally smooth return to his life, and finally they stand and shake hands as Boyd congratulates "Mr. Ceccoli" (thanks, closed-captioning!): "You're a free man." That would be an ominous enough way to end the act...

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