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...and uses the keycard to accost Adelle in her office. Adelle doesn't seem particularly surprised to see her, but that could be due to her being about three-quarters in the bag here, and she tells Echo that Ballard has been moved to a more secure location -- "one way your illicit keycard will be of no use." She smugly, if unsteadily, asks if Echo really thinks anything happens in the House without her knowledge, but Echo isn't afraid to turn that around, pointing out that it does seem like quite a bit does get past her, and Adelle is forced to drop the bravado and agree as she admits that Ballard and Boyd keeping the truth about her, she can see, but Topher? "He could barely keep a belch to himself." Especially if he's still got his Drawer Of Inappropriate Starches. Echo gets a little too Faith-y for my tastes as she goes off on a boring speech about how she's got forty people with mad skillz in her brain or whatever, but Adelle counters with a salient question: "If you're so powerful, how come you're still in my House sneaking around trying to find your comatose boyfriend?" Echo says she's got work to do, and Adelle's welcome to be on her side, but then she can't be on Rossum's. "The time for playing both is over." It's true that we're getting close to the wire here, but I still think throwing your weight around with Adelle at this point is a bridge too far...M.O<

...but we don't have time to contemplate that now, as some commandos have infiltrated "Victor's" apartment. He hears them coming and puts up a good fight, and I mean that in two senses as they all look like they have Black Ops-level skills, but there are too many of them, and the scene ends with them getting him on the ground and putting a bag over his head. Of course, it's possible this is all a fraternity prank, in which case it'd probably be wise to haul Kiki out from the depths of his brain.

"Victor'"s still got the bag over his head and is being sped away in a van, but it turns out part of the Dollhouse's protocols is to keep a released Active's biolinks, well, active for ninety days, so Topher has become aware that in the middle of the previous night, "Victor"'s readings went dead, and he can't even locate his GPS signal. Boyd says he'll get a van to bring him in for a diagnostic, but Topher's like, you're not getting it -- the last readings indicate that "Victor" was fighting for his life. Boyd's like, I'm on my way...

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