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Like Christmas In… December?

Boyd and Echo have brought Topher up to speed on what they know, and Topher takes their analysis one step further, saying they'll lose "Victor" for good if they don't rescue him before he's fully integrated into the group mind. Adding to the urgency are shots of "Victor" and his group behaving as one, especially the part where Victor rips off his dog tag, but I still find it out of character that Topher made it through that whole explanation without a Borg reference. I mean, I couldn't do it, and I'm not quite as nerdy as Topher. I hope.

So what's the solution? Boyd and Topher bringing a flak-jacketed Echo into the chair room. Echo ignores a confused Ivy's questions in favor of ordering, "Load me up. We're going to war." Another instance where Adelle doesn't know what's going on, given that's she's got to be asleep in a pool of her own sick at the moment.

When we return, we learn that Echo was not kidding about the new degree of control she now has, as she's retaining her personality even as Topher pumps imprint after imprint into her. Of course, Adelle might not be too pleased that her nemesis is getting all kinds of military training permanently added to her skill set, but drinking over a fifth of liquor at a time does have its downsides. Ivy bitches to Topher about not having been let in on Echo's secret earlier, and then gets in a "So there" moment when Echo overrules Topher's mocking of her inclusion of acrobatic skills in one of the imprints. Boyd then enters and tells the group what we already suspected -- Adelle drank herself into a stupor, and as such they have at least half the day. Topher: "Can I go to her office with a Sharpie?" Hee. No one else is any fun, of course, so Topher asks Echo if everything took, and after she closes her eyes and we get a little shimmering effect, she assures him that she is, as she puts it, "locked and loaded." However, she says she needs one more thing to pull the operation off, to which Ivy hilariously responds, "All I have left is Naughty Pirate Wench." Hee. But as awesome as that might be to watch, what Echo really had in mind is...

...Sierra, who comes out of the chair as Priya. She immediately gets up in Topher's face about how she still remembers Nolan even though he promised she wouldn't. After Topher awesomely tells Ivy to get her a beer, he explains that if he'd deleted that day, she wouldn't remember Victor. Priya settles down at the mention of Victor's name, and after she holds the bottle of beer close to her chest, she asks, "Why? What's going on?"

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