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Shot Through the Neck, and You're to Blame!
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We start in a washed-out flashback to three months earlier, and an alarm is going off in the Dollhouse. A female employee hurries several Dolls to their beds even as one of them worriedly notes that they didn't have their nightly shower, and it's too bad this girl's mind gets wiped all the time because she'll never know what a close call she just had. The five Dolls in this particular sleeping chamber settle in, and as his lid closes, one of them looks scared at all the commotion...

...which is louder downstairs, as Laurence leads some armed security people into the atrium and past several bloody corpses. Seeing DDT (oh, all right, I'll call him Topher, since they say his name so many more times this episode and I'm also starting to like him), he tires to get some information out of him, but Topher babbles incoherently about getting a gun until Adelle appears and informs Laurence that Alpha was responsible, as he had a "composite event." Given their use of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet in naming their Dolls, I wonder if Alpha was the first the Dollhouse made? Laurence thinks it impossible that Alpha could have had an event, given the regular mindwipes he had, so I think we're to understand that Alpha retained something of past imprints and now has a personality of his own. Laurence then gets a call that Alpha has been seen, a call that quickly gives way to a strangled cry, and Laurence moves his team out. Topher: "Seriously? Gun?" I think some people would be happy to arrange that.

It turns out Laurence is too late, as upstairs, he and his team discover a bunch of dead Dolls in the communal shower -- and Echo, who's got their blood on her but is still very much alive. She worriedly simps that they won't wake up, and Laurence rolls his eyes and moves his team straight into the opening credits.

Over shots of Echo and Boyd returning from an engagement, Adelle says that their Actives are innocent children in their resting state, but can be imprinted to create "your heart's desire made flesh." You guys, I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but the concept of the childlike tabula rasa is just like that of Spock's Brain! Except it's better and it doesn't have Shatner's cheese-scale acting. We then see Echo just coming out of a mindwipe, and Topher asks her how she's feeling. Ah, they repeat the exact conversation they had the last time this happened -- "Did I fall asleep?" "For a little while." "Shall I go now?" -- so this is a ritual, presumably designed to make sure she's exactly the same as before the imprint. Much more interesting than I imagined. We then fade back to Adelle, who's been telling all this to some good-looking guy in expensive-looking business clothes. He says that he's been with a lot of women, and none of them has turned out to be whom she said. Adelle counters that that won't be the case here -- his Doll will be exactly who he wants, completely and honestly. However, she tells him there's one small problem, and he replies that he thought everything was good with the background check, and I didn't notice that line at all on first viewing, so good on the show for not making his concern obvious. Anyway, that's not what Adelle is talking about -- it's just that the engagement he wants has been flagged as a "moderate risk" to the Active, and as such will require a small additional fee. The guy looks at the number she's written down and laughs: "Small, huh?" Adelle smoothly replies, "To my employers, very." Here's where I start looking around for a wolf, a ram, and a hart. The guy says it'll be worth it, and Adelle cautions him to return the Active safe and sound or there will be additional costs, and the way she delivers that line makes it sound like she's already mentally sharpening the knife she's going to use to cut his balls off. The guy smiles and promises to keep it low-key...

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