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Up in the Attic, some creepy random woman welcomes Echo like, out loud, so I'm thinking she deserves whatever's coming to her, especially since she follows up by sticking a bunch of large needles into Echo's head through the plastic covering her. She then sticks a tube down her throat, after which Echo's vitals appear on a nearby monitor -- or those of "Caroline Farrell," as the screen tells us. No sooner has the creepy woman walked away, however, than does Echo start violently thrashing about in her container, and just like that, she's flatlined, and the screen reads "DISENGAGED." Kind of a short episode, and not the way I thought the series was going to end, but I'll take an early Christmas break! No, wait, the woman reappears with some dude and complains that Echo's "expired" already, while the guy sniffs that Echo seemed fit enough to be a "lifer." That's a term that gives me the chills, but I did work for a non-profit once. After they unwrap the plastic, though, the guy, barely has any more time to talk about what a shame it is that such a nubile specimen is gone before the machines come to life again, and Echo wastes no time in bringing about the dude's expiration as she chokes the life out of him with one hand. And this leaves her free to awesomely remove the needles from her head and stab the creepy redhead in the forehead with them...

...and then, having ditched the white catsuit, she's outside getting some other tech in a sleeper hold and demanding to know where Victor and Sierra are. He manages to tell her they don't use Active codes up there, just real names, which makes sense given that not everyone up there was ever necessarily a Doll, and if you think I've got Laurence Dominic on the brain again, you are sadly not mistaken. Echo tosses the guy into a wall and snits that her name is Echo, and from what we know of Caroline that's fine by me. She keys in their real names and gets their locations...

...and then she's extracting a freaked-out Sierra and Victor in quick succession. They dispose of some guards on the way, depriving them of their automatic weapons in the process. I'm not sure how the Attic preparation works, exactly, but from the fact that both Sierra and Victor are able to fight more like people and less like Dolls, I think maybe they're actually her representations of Priya and Tony. Regardless, they run down a hallway, but when Echo gets too far ahead of the other two, she gets punished by a Plexiglas (or whatever) panel appearing between them. Tony tries to shoot through it to no avail, and then two guards catch them and kill them dead as Echo screams in helpless horror. She presses her face against the glass...

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