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...and then the shot quickly cross-fades to her lying in the Attic and the creepy woman welcoming her again, like, if every act is going to be that awesome I'm going to run out of words to describe them. Title card.

Apparently now that Echo's in the Attic, Adelle judged it safe to bring Ballard back to the lab, and he lies still as Topher tells Adelle that he's tried everything -- even "homotopic" and "heterotopic" stimulation. Adelle raises a playful eyebrow: "Haven't we all?" I KNEW it! As a classic nerd, however, Topher is squeamish about the thought of man-on-man reactions, so they move back to the topic at hand, which is that the fact of Ballard's "extensive cortical scarring" has left him with no options but to try to install the Active architecture, and Ballard becoming a Doll at some point was certainly on my wish list for the show, so it's again like they're at least giving me everything I want before the end. Adelle tells him to make sure the architecture takes, so Topher muses that Alpha mapped Ballard's entire brain (not the most demanding cartography assignment), and he'll try to reconstruct it, but Adelle tells him that might not be necessary -- she's making some changes to the House as of that day. "Perhaps his petulant personality is a good place to start. And we are in the market for a strapping new Victor, are we not?" How hard she is going to hit that if it works out the way she wants. Topher looks like he wants to quote Lando Calrissian's "This deal is getting worse all the time" line...

...but instead settles for stomping into the other room, where he finds Boyd lying on the couch. I should mention, since I don't think I made it clear, that Boyd was only being restrained by security at the end of last episode to prevent him from interfering with Echo being sent to the Attic, not because he was in trouble himself. They let him go as Ivy and Topher were watching. After Boyd apologizes for dozing off and mentions he's been dealing with some issues at home, he asks about the Attic. Topher warns him that no one comes back, but Boyd wants to know why -- what do they do to the people up there? Topher says it's experimentation and torture -- "I think they're testing the limits of the human mind. The brain in kept in a fear-induced, adrenaline-fueled overdrive state." Wouldn't it be simpler to just visit a law-school campus during finals? He goes on, though, that the brain is given a problem it can't solve, and either the nightmare lasts forever... "or it doesn't last at all," Boyd finishes. I don't mind the expository scene when it's as creepy and ominous as that.

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