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Attic-Topher is mumbling to himself about individuals ceasing to exist and everyone thinking as one as he busies himself with some nefarious-looking chore. [He also has what look like cyborg parts. - Z] Echo unconvincingly (acting-wise, I mean) declares this her worst nightmare, and then gets in the chair. Laurence warns her they have to stick together, but just like that, she gets sucked away and disappears, much to his chagrin...

...and then she's sitting in a Japanese restaurant with some dude as a geisha serves them. The guy then notices her and asks how she is, and she's like, "Um... lost?" They really shot their wad on that first act break.

Ivy returns to the lab, and Topher is so happy to see her that he babbles at extreme length about her sports metaphor and how it inspired him to try a different approach with Ballard, which basically amounts to rewiring his brain and, in the process, sacrificing a bunch of individual functions, I think. I mean, don't e-mail me, it's doesn't matter and I don't care, especially since, when Topher finally notices the hangdog expression on Ivy's face, he finally asks what's up. She remains silent until he takes her arm, whereupon she jerks it away: "Don't speak to me." Aw, that sounds like something Claire would say!

Cut to Topher in with Adelle, who tells him she merely prepared Ivy for the possibility of taking over his position. I'll note that that doesn't necessarily jive with Ivy's reaction, but anyway, Topher doesn't know what she means, so she spells it out -- he's contributed greatly to their cause, but she wants to know if he has anything more to offer, "whether you can accept radical change, or if you'll buckle under pressure." Well, he did dismember Nolan without, um, going to pieces. (Sorry, but Alpha started it.) And Adelle actually brings that little incident up, causing Topher's expression to fall the facial equivalent of 20 stories, and adds that if Topher keeps secrets from the organization, he can have every expectation of being chopped into little pieces himself. She pulls her leg up to her side kittenishly as she asks how he imagines that would feel, and I'm betting the response in Topher's mind is that it wouldn't be as fun as when Itchy does it to Scratchy.

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