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It's Boyd's turn in with Adelle, and after she gives him some palpably fake words of concern over his personal situation, he gets real with her, saying protecting Echo was the only reason he ever worked there, and she took Echo away from him. Adelle stands and accuses him of sharing in the responsibility by encouraging her to go down the path that led her to the Attic, but Boyd isn't impressed. Adelle does score a point, however, when she says that the real reason Boyd came to the Dollhouse is that he had nowhere else to go, which makes me want a Boyd-centric episode if they can swing it, which they unfortunately probably can't. She goes on that his three options, like all of theirs, are to follow Rossum's orders, go to the Attic, or die, and he looks chilled to the bone as she wraps it up by telling him he'll have to decide if his life is to be put to good use. "I have seen the future, Mr. Langton. And it is not for the weak." I think anyone who's seen "Epitaph One" would agree.

Back in the kitchen of human remains, Laurence tells Echo they have to do the thing Arcane dreads to escape his mind, and, looking over at the dismembered legs on the counter, Echo breathes that she has to enjoy herself, and I didn't get the double meaning until just now. Ew, Show. Ew, but I thank Laurence for his hilarious assessment of the situation: "Good times."

And luckily, this isn't Survivor, so we don't actually have to witness any disgusting eating challenges. Instead, we're back in the desert, and we get an extended version of what we saw before until Victor's doppelganger knocks him to the ground with the butt of his rifle. When Victor looks up, he sees Arcane in front of him, but just as Arcane is about to chop him up, the door explodes inward, and Arcane runs off like a pussy as Laurence and Echo enter with guns a-blazin'. Victor is apparently in his real Tony self, but it takes him a minute to recognize Echo, who tells him he needs to stop being afraid, and it's all in his mind. Laurence tries to do the same to the doppelganger, and when he disappears into thin air, Laurence is hilariously like, "Okay, fine." Hee. Victor takes a moment to process the news: "That explains a lot." If he's referring to the war, he'll be sad when he gets back to reality.

Outside, once Victor's been brought up to speed on Arcane, he suggests going on the offensive and taking him out. Considering the badassery quotient of this group, no arguments are forthcoming, only Echo's warning that they have to stop him before he gets to Priya. Victor perks up at the mention of Priya's name...

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