The Hollow Man

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We pick up right where we left off last week, as Caroline is telling Boyd that people will find out if anything happens to her. Boyd, however, opines that she could vanish off the face of the Earth and "not a soul" would notice she was gone, which okay, her boyfriend may have died and her BFF may be pissed at her over the whole arm thing, but just the fact that she had those relationships makes Boyd's statement kind of suspect. Boyd babbles for a bit about the extent of Rossum's reach, the point of which is to let Caroline know that they've been privy to medical information about her for quite some time, as she apparently got tested to see if she was a suitable bone-marrow donor for her cousin, who had leukemia. He adds that she's very interesting, "at least on a microscopic level," and if that's a veiled insult to the interest level of the total package I'm only too happy to snicker. Caroline asks a salient question, that being what he wants from her, so he tells her that he'd merely like a few years of her life, since the alternative for the terrorist acts she's committed will be life imprisonment or even death. Caroline tries for some bravado that even she can tell is unconvincing, and Boyd basically ignores it to tell her that she has amazing potential, and he wants to see how far she can go. Hate to ruin the suspense, dude, but a season and a half looks like the limit. He adds that he'll protect her, and when she asks how she can believe that, he puts on a maniacal-adjacent smile: "You'll learn to trust me."

Back in the present, Priya tells Tony she doesn't want to go back to the Dollhouse, but the fact that they're currently in one of its elevators suggests the conviction isn't all that strong. He does indulge her, though, saying that they can leave, find a doctor to "rip out all this crap they put in our heads," and never look back, but of course Priya wasn't serious, saying that even though she doesn't want to risk losing him, she couldn't live with herself if they didn't return to help Echo and the others against Rossum. When they descend to the lab, however, they find the place dark and littered with corpses, which...where are all the commandos? Did they leave without having captured a single important person? Whatever, this is the least of my issues with this episode and I'm going to have to pace myself. Tony notes that the war started without them, and we go to the opening credits...

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