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A Sinister Scientist
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We start the episode with Bennett watching Echo continuing to writhe in agony. After what seems like an eternity, Bennett finally kills the power and, ignoring Echo's gasping question of why she's doing this, conversationally notes that Echo doesn't call out to God even when she's in great pain. "It isn't a question of faith, it's just the vernacular." I guess one of the good things about nobody watching the show is that they're less likely to get angry correspondence about taking the Lord's name in vain. She adds that Echo really is a shell, and smiles creepily as she informs us that there's no protection from the blinding, searing pain -- Echo can't even pass out, an assertion she demonstrates by spiking the place's electrical bill again. When she sees fit to give Echo another break, she creepily says that while it's not time for why yet, and strokes Echo's face as she adds that when it is, "that's when it gets really bad." Glad I have time during the opening credits to express this sophisticated sentiment: Yeesh.

We return to an establishing shot of the Capitol Building, which seems unnecessary given that it was clearly established that we're in D.C., unless they're trying to tell us that this Dollhouse is actually in the Capitol Building, which would certainly explain a lot of the legislation passed this decade. What follows is an unnecessary scene in which Perrin continues to refuse to get it, so it's hard to blame Cindy for relishing telling him that they took a "spoiled, pampered, selfish child" and turned him into a man the people could trust. Once she's said her piece, he asks why she's telling him this now, and she's like, um, because it's hilarious? Cindy's written kind of amusingly but the actress really isn't selling her, and it's painful to watch her overact as she goes on that she can't stand him, and having to be his wife makes her sick. Although I have a feeling she'll fit right in with a lot of politicians' wives. In response to this little tirade, instead of pointing out that his current personality isn't exactly his fault, Perrin takes a couple of grunting, spazzy breaths like someone just gave him a hot shot. What is with the acting around here all of a sudden?

Speaking of spazziness, Topher's like a dog let off the leash as, in the back of a town car, he gushes to Adelle about, like, being in the back of a town car. She icily informs him that his sole purpose here is to hack in the D.C. mainframe to acquire Perrin's imprint, but all he hears is "Blah blah TOPHER blah blah blah TOPHER." He does, however, get the message when she says that he "absolutely" may "not" help himself to a drink from the car's bar, and I guess if she's not having one either the situation must be pretty serious. Topher finally settles down and admits that he doesn't like going outside his comfort zone, which is not exactly news given that his best friends are stuffed animals and pinball machines, but Adelle says their one and only chance to discover Rossum's plan is to pull it from Perrin's brain scans. "So I would suggest you expand your comfort zone immediately." I'd suggest you rethink giving him that drink, then.

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