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The Harlem Fakeout


Joanna & Julian: "We have a secret knock, for all those times we had teenage sex in the grips of our clusterfuck of power dynamics! Adorable!"
Joanna: "Do you think Sofia is capable of murdering me?"
Julian: "This show desperately needs you to think that, doesn't it. Hey, did you know that I knew about Vivian being our sister's mother? That's just one of the reasons I punched her until she fell down that time."
Joanna: "Do you think Sofia is capable of murdering Vivian?"
Julian: "It would be par for the course, wouldn't it?"


Edward: "So clearly you think I killed Ben Preswick or something."
Will: "No, despite my behavior and dialogue in the previous scene, I do not believe that. You were fifty feet away, I know that because we froze that frame and then enhanced the image."
Edward: "Uh, then why are you here? And why the hell did you spend all night obsessively trying to Where's Waldo me in that footage?"
Will: "There are three possibilities here. You are gifted with telekinesis. You set him up to be murdered and then changed your mind. Or maybe it was a coincidence."
Edward: "Those are the three possibilities? This is the worst television show."
Will: "Of the four people that know about the Lyritrol coverup, three are dead. Four minus three equals Edward. You are going to be murdered."
Edward: "There are vastly more than four people who knew about that. Come on."


Edward: "Dad, just to let you know, Vivian is telling everybody about the Lyritrol coverup, including Ben Preswick and myself and that paparazzo from the pilot."
Robert: "I'm just gonna murder all of you, okay? Does that work for everybody?"


Edward: "Hey, maybe you should look into posted Ben Preswick's bail. Maybe they sent the Mad Taser after him. PS, this is me doing your job for you."
Will: "I am not grateful in the least. I have no gratitude in me."
Edward: "I really appreciate that Vivian has you in her corner."
Will: "That cannot possibly be true."


Joanna: "Hey Gabe, my friend at the NYPD I'm working undercover for. Can you find me a location for Motorcycle, based on this photograph of his motorcycle?"
Gabe: "I can try. I have all kinds of information at my fingertips. I can slow down and even freeze frames, or enhance them. Or at least I can when that one guy is in the office, like for example in the middle of the night."

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