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The Harlem Fakeout

Sofia stomps down the hallway spitting into her phone about how the motherfucker on the other end better respect. Joanna stalks her to her giant closet and watches her fill up a dufflebag with a hundred billion million dollars in cash and then change into an entirely different outfit that is like she's a catburglar tasked with sneaking into the Matrix.

Robert: "Where are you going, dressed all up like Zero Cool?"
Sofia: "Spin class, Robert. In Harlem. That's why I'm dressed in my Harlem clothes."


Motorcycle: "You can't be running around this house in a ballgown. Try some of these horrible clothes on."
Mia: "Okay, but only if we act super doofy and change clothes in front of each other while blushing, like dumb little children."
Motorcycle: "That is exactly the kind of thing we would do, isn't it."
Mia: "One thing I'm definitely not going to do is tell my family where I am. I just want to live in this closet and look at your abs."
Motorcycle: "I wonder who your biological father is?"
Mia: "My sister was a huge slut. It could be anybody, from Luke Perry to Bill Clinton."
Motorcycle: "Dressing up in clothes is so fun!"
Mia: "You look like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


Julian: "So Dwight Haverstock is apparently Mia's dad."
Edward: "Gross! But I kinda get it."
Julian: "Well, I'm going to go beat him up probably."
Edward: "Go for it, lil' guy."


Will: "Where is Sofia right now?"
Joanna: "In Harlem. With a shitload of cash. She just went into a building. This could be the 'meet.'"
Will: "Don't be a dummy, Joanna. Maybe she's just running errands. In Harlem."

Joanna rushes up the stairs! I love it when Joanna accomplishes minor tasks like running up some stairs. What a dummy. Sofia has an incomprehensible argument with a gay gangbanger, like so:

Man: "I heard he was up."
Sofia: "You don't know what you're talking about."
Man: "I'm in the insurance business, this is what I talk about! Ask him!"

Sofia leaves, and Joanna literally talks to herself, moving her lips like she is new to literacy. Eventually she texts Will, "I think I am going to go across that hallway." He yells at his phone that she better not walk a yard across a hallway, but like a dummy she totally does. She tells the mean gay man that she has lost her ferret. He is unmoved.

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