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The Week All The Challenges Had Hugging
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Previously on I've Got Shoulders Like An Ox, Meaning They're Attached To The Appropriate Head: J.P. considered what a group of four men should do about being outnumbered by five women, and he concluded that What Are You Gonna Do About It? Get Me A Turkey Pot Pie! was the attitude that could not be beat. The women got kind of annoyed, and there started to be a lot of meaningful glaring, but not in the sexy way. Even though Stephannie had trouble making fire and decided to hurl herself onto her sword of self-loathing for the sake of her team, she later removed herself from said sword and said, "Never mind." With that matter settled, the women started thinking that maybe they should get rid of a guy while they had the chance, before the beef inherited the earth. Rallied by an aggressive Jenny and surprisingly supported by Parvati The Crafty Ass-Wiggler, the women managed to pull it together and vote off a very surprised J.P. Not only that, but they brought along the votes of Adam and Brad as well. Nobody likes you, J.P. Now, the tribes are tied at eight apiece. Go away, somebody!

Once again, we have a pre-credits tribal council aftermath sequence, although this isn't even the same night like it was last time; we are at Raro on Day 12. In keeping with the great tradition of front-loading every episode with the most exciting footage you have to offer, the boys are brushing their teeth -- or picking their teeth, or whatever it is you do so you don't have any more fuzz on your molars than necessary. My favorite part is that the audio guys even provide the sound of Adam squeaking a bone or something against his teeth, all part of explaining the sort of idle tension of these giant dudes hanging around having lost their even more giant leader. Nate looks into the shelter, where the women are asleep. "What you ladies sleeping for?" he wonders. And then he adds, "I'm not a hater, but what do they do all day?" Oh, Nate. Don't knock haters. Being a hater is fun! You should read my email. Nate interviews that the game is turning a bit, because they guys have to watch out for the women now. He adds, "These women could try to eat us off." Well, it's a little indelicately said, but after all, we have been getting our way just like that for centuries. Brad says that he's going to go and do some fishing. Nate adds in his interview that the women think they're all awesome now, so he has to remind them that they need the guys around. To do work, I guess. Or maybe just to be churlish and unpleasant.

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