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It's Eddie, Right?
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The morning after Andrea is blindsided, Erik wakes up with the sunrise. Eddie gets a fire started and starts some rice. He interviews that all the women he goes after seem to go home. Maybe he should worry less about hooking up with chicks and more about winning immunity or getting in an alliance or playing the game in any fashion. Anyway, Eddie thinks he's probably going home next. At least he's smart enough to realize that.

Eddie and Cochran chat about how the game will play out now. Cochran asks who Eddie thinks will go if Eddie himself wins immunity. Eddie, this is your chance! Make an alliance with Cochran! I mean, try something! Instead, Eddie says that he thinks Cochran will be next, and he thinks the group is leaning that way. First of all, Eddie knows nothing about what the group is thinking. No one but Andrea ever talked game with him. And second, what a dumb answer. Tell Cochran you have no idea who's going next and offer to be a vote for whomever Cochran wants gone. It might get you one step further in the game. Cochran interviews that he figured as the nerdy non-threatening one, he'd be everyone's first choice to take to the end, but now he's having to reconsider.

Brenda and Dawn have a strategy chat about who needs to go next if Eddie wins immunity. Brenda says that she thinks it needs to be Cochran, and she thinks Erik would be on board. Dawn interviews that she's been working with Cochran and Sherri, but now she's got the option of working with Brenda and Erik instead. Except that she's had an alliance with Cochran from Day One and she's not sure she wants to break it. I'm not sure why she thinks Brenda and Erik would be a better choice? She doesn't really explain. Dawn tells Brenda and Erik that she would have a hard time voting Cochran out, but she knows he's a threat. And then she interviews that she hopes that making some strategic moves will prove to the jury that she's playing the game and earning the million.

Erik carves a notch into a tree to mark his seventieth day playing the game. He interviews that he should be happy, but he's really unhappy. We see lots of shots of Erik sitting around looking emaciated as he complains about how hungry he is. Didn't they just get more beans and rice? And didn't Erik just go on a Reward Challenge? The problem might be mental as Erik complains that there's nothing more to talk about or say. Look, I can't imagine what the suffering would be like, but I do know that lots of other people have done it and made it under far more trying circumstances than this. Erik decides to climb a really high tree and get some coconuts. The others are a little worried because it's really high. He gets about halfway up and realizes how dangerous it is and then he starts talking about how he might fall and break his leg and have to leave the game. It's not clear to me if he wants that to happen? You guys, we need to talk about Erik.

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