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Two, Two, Two Boots In One

Previously on Yasur, That's My Baby: the women formed factions, as girls are wont to do when they don't have organizational structure like a pageant or a sorority. Oh, wait, so did the men. So, never mind. Oldsters versus youngsters was the theme of the day on both tribes. John P. did the math, and knew that five was more than three. As result, his team undoubtedly began calling him "The Professor," because everything is relative. The men couldn't get into the homoerotic hugging, though, and they lost the reward challenge. Rory proceeded to throw a hissy over being subjected to the indignity of a victory dance. Rory needs to be exposed to a few more hissy-inducing experiences, I do believe. Lopevi won the immunity challenge, and finally got flint so they could start a fire. I certainly hope they are never marooned in isolation with nothing but a volleyball and some ice skates, because they definitely would not live long enough to be nominated for Oscars. Back at Yasur, Dolly tried to do the Dance of the Swing Vote, and when she refused to commit, Eliza saw the opening and engineered the ouster of the shepherdess herself by going against her old friends. There was a great lesson in there somewhere about "live by the sheep, die by the sheep," but it was hard to see it, because of the volcanoes. "Who will be voted out tonight?"

Credits. Do you think this season has something to do with volcanoes? It's just a feeling I'm getting.

Night Volcano! We are at Yasur, observing in night vision as the women return from tribal council. It is Night 6. Only Night 6? How can I be so tired already? Eliza interviews that Dolly was under the impression that she was the deciding vote, and as it happened...not so much. You know, seriously. The people who win tend to be either (1) masterminds or (2) faceless cogs, so I never understand why people think they can stake out ground in the middle ("I'm an especially important swing cog!") and get away with it. In other news, Eliza's face looks exactly like a lemur. I knew she looked familiar.

Mia and Julie demand to know how the vote switched to Dolly, and Eliza acknowledges to us that they're not too happy with her. She points out, quite correctly, that she did what was needed to stay in the game. Eliza tells Mia and Julie about Dolly's claim that she was going to vote for someone at random, and how Eliza got scared that Eliza would be booted. Mia, meanwhile, tells us that she and the rest of the Bowheads had thought Eliza was with them, but that she "conspired with the other girls" to get rid of Dolly. "Lisa and Julie are the only girls I trust right now," Mia says. I'm sure Eliza's heart is breaking over dropping in Mia's esteem. I know mine would be. What if she doesn't invite me to the party where she tells everyone who the cool people are? She says that they'll talk to Eliza tomorrow about "where her head was at." The "up her butt" answer is always just too easy when that question comes up.

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