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Outside, Blake confesses to Mary that she's been on his mind constantly ever since he left, and when he goes on that he's only asking for a chance, she asks if there was really a conference he needed to attend. He's like, "Okay, busted," and she essentially thinks that while he's pretty great, it might be better not to string him along and end up adding him "to the list of men I've disappointed." Blake, however, wants his hat in the ring regardless, and Mary smiles, because he's been warned.

Downstairs, Anna finds her husband and asks him to tell her he wouldn't do anything foolish that would risk their life together. He says he wouldn't, but she's obviously not convinced, and I hope whatever happens with these two the show doesn't drag it out for a change.

Outside, Lord Grantham gets hold of some champagne and publicly toasts Cora's accomplishment with the bazaar. After everyone joins in, Blake tells Cora he's got to go, and Lord Gillingham asks if he can hop in with Blake this time. Mary goes to see her men off, prompting Lord Grantham to ask, "What kind of ménage has that turned into while I've been away?" He hasn't even heard the pig story yet, has he? As said ménage walks off, Rose, Isobel, and Edith all crane their necks in hilarious unison to get a better look, and we're out. Join me next week for the Christmas special, with, as mentioned, Martha and Harold and probably everyone else in the Western world.

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