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Life Goes On

...but later, she's recovered, as she and Matthew pay a visit to Branson, who's holding baby Sybil in his arms. He at least seems happy and not so horribly wounded now, and he tells them that baby Sybil is "blooming" before putting her into Mary's arms. Matthew stands with her and if they weren't sure about having children before, it looks like their niece is melting those doubts right away.

Downstairs, Molesley is aghast that the ladies stayed once they knew of Ethel's shame and when Mrs. Hughes offers that Jesus managed to eat with Mary Magdalene, Molesley corrects her that he merely allowed her to wash his feet. Mrs. Hughes: "Well, I'll tell Ethel she has a treat in store." HA! Elsewhere, Alfred is continuing to be a goon before Mrs. Patmore finally realizes Ivy has rouge on her cheeks and tells "Miss Hussy" to go get rid of it. Also, Jimmy James is playing the piano and when Mrs. Hughes compliments him, Thomas says there's no end to his talents while rubbing his neck, and Thomas, I'm on your team and you're still making me uncomfortable here. Fortunately, O'Brien arrives to tell Thomas that Lord Grantham requested him, whereupon Jimmy James whispers to O'Brien that Thomas is always touching him and he's going to tell Carson or even the police. O'Brien kind of lets that sit before heading off to fetch some linen. She also probably wants to update her "Destroy Thomas' life" diary, but that can probably wait until later.

Daisy catches Alfred practicing his dancing and he asks her if she knows the foxtrot. Oh, Alfred. You had me for a while, but you're seriously working my last nerve here. Against all odds, Daisy does know it, so he prevails on her to show him the steps and they have a good time with it...

...while, in other good times, Anna comes rushing up to Mary and Edith to tell them the good news -- it will take a few weeks, but Bates is going to be released. The sisters are overjoyed and they urge Anna to tell Lord Grantham, who could use some good news at the moment...

...but Lord Grantham is currently occupied, as Cora comes into the library and asks if he's seen the note she's holding from the Dowager Countess. Lord Grantham admits he has and wonders what his mother wants, to which Cora says she could stand anything except a lecture on marital harmony. Lord Grantham tries a chuckle in response and is informed by Cora's stony expression that it was a mistake and then Cora wonders if they have to go, but while he says he thinks they do, he adds that they don't need to stay long. He then steps forward and tells her she looks very nice, but she orders him not to flirt with her before withdrawing. Lord Grantham, for his part, probably wonders what Jane is up to these days. However, Anna, flanked by Mary and Edith, enters with the Bates news and Lord Grantham's joy upon hearing it is about as unbridled as it gets. He then heads out for his mother's house...

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