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At breakfast, the usual crew of Lord Grantham, Edith and Matthew are joined by Branson, who still looks almost as pale as his wife the last time we saw her. Edith suggests they think about getting a nurse, as the one they have will leave once the baby's weaned. Branson, however, tells them he's not staying, as he's got to find a job, but Edith and Matthew tell him not to rush. Lord Grantham unsurprisingly pipes up that Branson has to make a life for himself sometime, but Edith, getting that increasingly familiar look on her face that shows she can't believe what's coming out of her father's mouth, says again that there's no rush and besides, they should think about christening the baby. She asks Branson if he knows what he'd like the child to be called and when Branson declares his intention to name her after her mother, Matthew smiles approvingly. Lord Grantham, surprisingly, is measured in his opposition to the idea, merely asking if it might be a little painful. While Branson acknowledges the extreme truth of that "at first," he still thinks it's the best way to pay remembrance to Sybil, and Edith, touched, agrees. And oh, did I say Lord Grantham had himself under control? Well, the Indigno-Meter heads from two to nine and a half in a split second when Branson informs the group that he intends to baptize young Sybil as a Catholic; however, at a look from Edith, Lord Grantham reins himself in and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Carson looks like he can't wait to get downstairs and vent about this one.

In town, Mrs. Patmore looks like she's just done a little shopping when Ethel rushes up and asks if she could have her advice. Mrs. Patmore hilariously looks around like she's afraid someone from the church is going to pop out from behind a tree and castigate her for fraternizing with a fallen woman. Ethel, undeterred, goes on about Isobel's lunch party and how she'd like to do something special for it, but she knows her cooking isn't up to snuff. She wonders if Mrs. Patmore would help her out strictly on a consultant basis, but Mrs. Patmore at least doesn't beat around the bush in frankly telling Ethel that Carson has made his wishes regarding Ethel very clear. Ethel, however, figures Mrs. Patmore isn't afraid of being corrupted by little old her, and when Mrs. Patmore acknowledges that in no uncertain terms, Ethel wonders why, then, Isobel should be made to suffer for her kindness. Mrs. Patmore sniffs in exasperation, which of course means she's going to do it. I think I need to adopt that as my stock way of saying "yes" to requests. It looks fun!

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