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Good Night, Sweet Princess

...while over at Crawley House, Ethel tells Isobel that Sybil was always very kind to her, and Isobel responds by telling her that her tea is as shitty as her kidney soufflé. I mean, not exactly in those words, but still.

In the library (I always feel like I'm playing Clue when recapping this show), the Dowager Countess is sitting and the men are pacing when Mary comes in with the joyful news that Sybil has given birth to a girl and they're both fine. Cut to upstairs, with Sybil holding her daughter in her arms as Branson beams next to her. All seems well, and when Sybil says she wants to sleep, everyone moves to withdraw, but Sybil calls Cora back to tell her about Branson's idea of being a mechanic in Liverpool (you'll forgive me if I'll indulge in that mental picture for a moment) and to tell her that it wouldn't be right for him. Cora tells her they don't need to talk about it now, but Sybil pushes on, saying that Lord Grantham might see the idea as some sort of answer. Cora tells her Lord Grantham loves her and Sybil says she knows, "But will you help me do battle for [Branson] and the baby, if the time comes?" Cora promises she will and all I can say is that I hope she and Mary compare notes about their recent conversations with Sybil.

Out on the landing, Cora apologizes to Sir Philip for doubting him and Sir Philip, much to Dr. Clarkson's chagrin, is pompously magnanimous about the whole thing. He says they can all go to sleep and given what's coming, I'd like to take that advice.

Downstairs, Carson tells the relieved troops the good news and sends them off to bed. Jimmy James notices that Thomas seems especially happy and Thomas explains that he and Sybil worked together in the hospital, and she's a lovely person. Clasping Jimmy James' arm, he adds, "Like you," and this time there's no doubt that one of Jimmy James' eyebrows goes to a Mr. Spock place. After Thomas is gone, O'Brien notices the frown on Jimmy James' face and asks him what's up, and he sighs that Thomas is rather "familiar." O'Brien plays it straight, so to speak, offering that it's a good sign for Jimmy James' future. Jimmy James says he'd kind of like Thomas to back off, but when O'Brien asks if he's implying something unseemly, he backs off and withdraws. The sly smile O'Brien then permits herself takes me right back to "It'll be all wrong with you before too long," and I can't say I'm sorry about it.

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