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Good Night, Sweet Princess

Oh boy, the suddenly dissonant music lets us know that it's time. Mary comes rushing in to wake up Cora, saying she needs to come to Sybil quickly. When they arrive, a crowd is gathered around the bed already, and Sybil is breathing heavily and out of her mind with panic. I could try to describe how awful it is already, but the way Sir Philip covers his mouth in horror kind of tells all. Branson is equally freaked, but I'm not sure anyone except the doctors knows exactly what's going on as Sybil whacks herself in the head while complaining of the intense pain. Mary tries to hold a cloth to her forehead to cool her down, but Sybil -- leaning back as if she's having a seizure -- suddenly goes catatonic. Mary tries to shake her as Cora, wild-eyed, asks what's going on and Clarkson sadly has to tell her it is in fact eclampsia. Sir Philip is stunned, unable to take it in, as Lord Grantham points out how sure he was. Branson and Cora, equally distraught, kneel beside her while Matthew and Edith wonder if the hospital is still an option. Clarkson, however, tells them that nothing can now be done; Sybil seizes as Lord Grantham barks that there has to be something worth trying. But Mary steps back in horror as she realizes that Sybil is no longer breathing and momentarily, she's lying there ashen-faced and still. And the hardest part of this scene -- which is saying a lot -- is that there's no CPR and no expert revival efforts. She's still technically alive, but all they can do is watch her pass. Through their sobs, Cora and Branson both entreat her to wake up, but soon, Dr. Clarkson reaches between them for a pulse that's no longer there, and the look he gives the rest of the family confirms that Sybil is gone. Lord Grantham tells himself that it can't be as Sybil is only 24, but another look at Sybil's corpse reaffirms the reality of the situation, which is then accentuated by the newborn's cry from the other room. The rest of the room notes the terrible irony there, but Branson and Cora are still out of their minds with grief...

...and then we're downstairs, with everyone having been summoned to hear the tragic news, and it's a testament to Sybil and the house in general how broken up the staff is as well. Daisy uncertainly asks if there's anything they should do, so Carson somberly tells her to carry on as they all must. Thomas steps away, and Anna goes after him as Daisy collapses into Mrs. Hughes' arms; Anna finds Thomas also in tears and he tells her that not many people in his life have been kind to him, but Sybil was one. Mrs. Hughes stops by for some more fond remembrances of Sybil...

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