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Good Night, Sweet Princess

...and then we stay with her as she finds Carson and asks if he's okay. Haunted, Carson can only manage that he's known her since she was born and Mrs. Hughes, who I believe is the only other one on the staff who can say the same, silently takes his hand...

...and then, oh God, as if it couldn't get any more painful, Cora, her tears replaced with a beatific smile, is finishing the last conversation they had by promising her daughter's corpse that Downton will look after her husband and child both. "Don't you worry about that." Mary hesitantly enters and suggests Cora get some much-needed rest, but Cora isn't quite ready for that. "This is my chance to say goodbye to my baby." Cora promises she'll be all right, but before Mary leaves, she adds for Mary to tell Lord Grantham to sleep in the dressing room. Mary takes that in and then sadly withdraws, and Cora's voice breaks again as she tells Sybil she is her baby. "You always will be. Always. My beauty and my baby." Elizabeth McGovern, you guys.

Murray has arrived at Downton as promised and Matthew is meeting with him in Lord Grantham's stead; he tells Murray that he'll be able to meet with Anna, but Lord Grantham may prove to be an impossibility that day. Murray expresses the requisite stunned sympathy before Carson brings Anna in; Matthew says he'll leave them to it, but wonders if he might have a chat with Murray before he leaves, as there's no telling when Murray will be up there again. Oh, Matthew. London's not that far; take the train soon if it's that dire. You clod. When he and Carson are gone, Murray apologizes for the timing and at least SOMEONE's sensitive to it.

Upstairs, Branson and Mary are sitting with Sybil when Edith enters and brokenly informs them that the undertakers have arrived. Mary, strong as always, says they have to let her go, and steps forward to kiss Sybil and to say goodbye. Edith copies the gesture, and as the two surviving sisters stand over their fallen, Mary says that Sybil was the only person living who thought the two of them "were such nice people." Edith half-sobbingly wonders if they might get along better now, but Mary says she doubts it. It reads a little worse on the page than Mary delivers it, but not much; nonetheless, she softens it by continuing, "But since this is the last time we three will all be together in this life, let's love each other now as sisters should." Edith nods and the two of them embrace; they then look at Branson, who's staring in the other direction and they know that he's at the top of the hierarchy of people who are going to need support to get through this.

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