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Good Night, Sweet Princess

Downstairs, Anna gives a little intro about what she's learned and Murray suggests she tell him everything she knows. Probably obvious given his age, but this clearly isn't his first rodeo.

Branson is now alone with his late wife and on top of everything else, it's obviously so difficult to even take in what's happened given the few short hours that have passed. He looks at her and cries anew...

...while downstairs, Matthew has gotten Murray alone and Murray confesses that even at this sad time, he's happy to hear Matthew's assessment of the place, as he thinks testing times are coming for estates like Downton. Their mutual admiration society, however, is quickly disbanded when Mary enters -- looking white as alabaster -- and pointedly asks what they're discussing. Murray at least tells the truth, that they're discussing plans for the management of the estate, to which Mary bites out, "And do you intend to involve my father in these fascinating plans?" After a pause, Murray says of course, so she acidly tells him that in that case, perhaps it's not the most appropriate moment to be deciding the destiny of Downton. I mean, seriously. If you want to have a clandestine meeting, go for a walk! Use one of the three hundred pantries on the premises! Suitably chastened, Murray steps forward and explains that his primary errand was to talk to Anna, and Mary softens as she says that's a different matter entirely -- despite the tragedy, none of them would want to keep Bates in prison for any longer than necessary, which I take to mean she's as bored by the continuing coverage of that subplot as everyone else. Murray escapes with his life and Matthew looks like the kid who has to wait for his punishment while his brother gets off easy; he eventually decides to try to apologize, but Mary points out that Lord Grantham has lost his youngest daughter. "Does he have to lose control of his estate on the same day?" I'm guessing this conversation isn't helping their collective fertility.

Murray has apparently laid out the situation for Bates and I think I've been at pains to note how little I care about this subplot, but it doesn't actually seem necessary for Murray to be visiting Bates; maybe he has to get a definite statement from him as to when he left Vera, but given the urgency of the errand to Mrs. Bartlett, you'd think he'd take care of that first. Bates says a few forgettable words about Sybil and then Murray leaves him. From across the room, Craig and his henchguard observe and the henchguard crows that Murray will get a shock when he contacts "Mrs. Audrey Bartlett." Does he mean literally? I wouldn't put it past her!

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