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We open on Daisy, of all people, as she walks her bike through town. As I said in the recaplet, she looks a bit more grown-up and womanly, although that could be due to the fact we're seeing her in clothes other than that curveless shirt she always wears in the kitchen. (Even when she got married for five minutes last season, she still looked like a gender-neutral doll.) She heads toward the church...

...into which we cut and we see Matthew and Mary -- presumably rehearsing for the wedding -- standing together at the front. Matthew starts the long process of catching viewers up through apparently casual conversation by asking what the latest with Sybil is, and Mary tells him that she and Branson can't afford to make the trip from Ireland for the wedding. A bishop (judging from his attire) asks the priest -- a "Mr. Travis" -- if they can move things along here, so Travis asks Matthew and Mary if they'd mind walking down the aisle once more, and everyone involved in the wedding goes back to one... but not before Lady Cora mentions to Mary that she's not a huge fan of the way the archbishop orders Travis around and then gets all the credit. Mary counters that Lord Grantham was the one who wanted a "prince of the church" to preside over the ceremony before turning to her father and asking if they're really not going to get Sybil over for the occasion. Lord Grantham, however, is relieved that she's not coming, as Branson is "still an object of fascination for the county," by which he means he's worried that Branson is going to hawk copies of his book Crossing The Lines Of British Peerage: A How-To Guide. He thinks having some more time to prepare the servants will be useful, although to my way of thinking, Mary and Matthew's wedding is one of the few events that's big enough to distract people's attention from the "Return of Branson" narrative. But no one said Lord Grantham was a PR expert. Isobel, unsurprisingly, sniffs to Matthew that Lord Grantham is seeing a problem where none exists, as no one will care about Branson being there, but Matthew's answering line is well spoken: "You must think country life more exciting than it is if you imagine people don't care when an Earl's daughter runs off with a chauffeur." Isobel replies that even if that's true, it's a fait accompli, so people might as well get used to the idea. The discussion is curtailed by the archbishop barking at Travis like he's his faithful retriever slow in bringing him his slippers. Lord Grantham and Mary then start to walk down the aisle yet again...

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