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Downstairs, Daisy gives Mrs. Patmore some lip before explicitly asking where the new kitchen maid she promised her is. Mrs. Patmore sighs and apologizes, saying she spoke to Carson and it turns out they won't be taking on anyone new. Daisy points out that they just hired a new footman, which Mrs. Patmore is at a loss to explain, given that Lord Grantham has put his foot down about hiring anyone else. I mean, I suppose Daisy has a point -- it's been a while since that promise was made in the Christmas special -- but Mrs. Patmore isn't without an argument either, as she reminds Daisy that she got a raise and a title promotion. Daisy, however, is on about "dishonest representation," prompting Mrs. Patmore snidely to ask if she swallowed a dictionary. It's not a great line, but I wish she had, because it'd shut her up for a while.

Now alone, Sybil tells Mary that when she and Branson are in Dublin, their class differences just seem to fade away. "But here, he feels so patronized and he hates it." Mary's glad to hear that Sybil regrets nothing and promises that everyone in the family will come to know Branson and value him. Sybil's gratified to hear it and then bids Mary good night so she can go check on her husband. Before she does though, Mary tells her that "the whole Grey family" is coming for dinner the next night... that she relays to Branson, explaining that Larry -- the son (of "Lord Merton," Mary's godfather) -- was once "keen" on Sybil when they were young, although she hardly remembers him. Getting into bed, she then asks Branson not to talk about Ireland all the time, as she wants to make things easier for him, but he asks if biting his tongue would be for him or for her. "Don't disappoint me, Sybil -- not now that we're here." The words are said with more of a pleading tone than anything else, and after a moment they kiss, which is disappointing to all the women in the world who aren't Sybil.

Downstairs, Matthew has rejoined Mary; she asks if she should order the car, but Matthew's reluctant to bother the chauffeur after he refused a ride back with Isobel, so he reckons he'll walk. He sits and holds out a hand for her to come join him, but she asks what he'll do with Lavinia's father's money should it fall to him. Matthew thinks it's not going to happen, but if it does, they'll decide what to do, "because I can't keep it." Mary's like, no, of course not -- and I can only imagine she's reminding herself to get everything official before she starts running him like a sled.

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